[Photo] For Rook, a Stronghold 20 with max level buildings

[Photo] For Rook, a Stronghold 20 with max level buildings

@Rook, Gryphonkit’s new digs ( my wife’s base ) just sent the construction crews how a few weeks ago.

This stronghold 20 base comes with level 20 everything! Well not the barracks. The foreman gave us some lame excuse that he could not change the laws of physics, er, magic. So the latrines will only support a level 10 building when the “Troops Grok It’s Friday” parties happen. Really. More info than we needed.


Puuuurdy! I hope you’re charging admission! :grin:


Very nice, I hope the building behind the lvl 10 Barracks is also lvl 20 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve noticed that you have 9 farms, is that right as i only have 8

You might have converted one of your farms to a barrack for the troops. Most people convert a forge (notice on the photo that there are only 3 out of the 4 one can build).

This is beautiful! How long did it take to get here? And did you ever play gems to skip wait?

==Nine Farms==

Do you have Stronghold 20 ?

Or this.


Not a clue. Gryphonkit, my wife, started when you could have two builders for free, one iron builder and one food builder. Then she got a VIP Pass with two builders as soon as it was available.

Edit: About 471 days ago

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July 2018!
I started July2017 and still have buildings lv5 hahaha

Yes, all four of the forges are level 20.

Many people forget about their building beneath the Barracks.

You get a “Marvel No Prize” for thinking of this.

quick question regarding the building under the barracks.

If you switch the barracks back and say convert a level 20 forge would the barracks be back at the level you uncoverted from? say level 10


Yes. Once you upgrade an advanced building like the Barracks, it keeps it current level.

Converting just swaps out a standard building for an advanced building and vice versus.

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Thank you. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t lose anything.

I forgot about the lil guy under there lol


Our play style, and IAP spending style, means Gryphonkit and I have lots of excess food ( mainly due to lack of good 5* heroes and 3*/4* ascension items).

So we have both put our Level 10 Barracks on top of a level 20 farm.

We don’t miss the food and we don’t have that stray farm across the waterfall from our other eight farms.

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