[Photo] For Rook, a base with legendary training

[Photo] For Rook, a base with legendary training

@Rook, My new digs still have the paint drying. This stronghold 20 base comes with 1330K food storage, 1970k iron storage, and 118 recruit storage.

All ready for me to move in as it comes fully furnished with 40.5 million food, 16,912 recruits and 170 finished heroes lounging in training camps.

Training camps
Type, Finished, Training, time remaining
extra low cost, 61, 330, 27 days
extra low cost, 104, 1626, 135 days
elite, 5, 1, 1 day
legendary, 0, 130, 259 days


Dude, swap those two houses near your TC20 with those two TC down below. Arrgh, OCD, I hate splitting building types up.


Oh good, it’s not just me! I just hit SH15 and I’m planning out my base with the new options like it’s life or death :sweat_smile:

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I see all the whirlybirds on your upper deck! How might I make a collage of five or so photos to look like one? Tell me your sekrits, Master! :grin:

(I’ll be trying with my existing apps…)

That is actually a Feature.

If I don’t split them up, I cannot add and remove food & recruits from storage without accidentally collecting the finished heroes also in storage.

See leveling 5* from 1.1 to 4.80 in one day.

That is also why camps are farthest away from mystic vision, and nesting dragon. And why one training camp 11 & 20 are closest to Stronghold for ease of recruits & food deposits & withdrawals.

Elite training finished, so I just moved 630 recruits from the upper left training camp to the lower left training camp for three camps running extra low cost training. I am hoarding finished heroes for Delilah, Guardian Falcon or Guardian Jackal.

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Farms are closest to Stronghold to make collection easiest since the Empires app defaults to centering on the Stronghold whenever it reboots.

There are YouTube tutorials about stitching together photos into panoramic photos for most graphics programs. I did it at lunch, so I used work’s MS paint.

A quick youtube search found this link for Microsoft ICE which apparently does this on purpose:

Sooo many picture to take. I might get sloppy and just make a video :grin:

Edit: I made a video but I can’t post it! Waaaah!

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I only needed three pictures. I selected a building to move. Then on the move screen I zoomed out as far as I could on the iPhone 7 Plus. Stitched the three together into a panoramic photo and posted.

I have a tiny phone. It took 16 pics at maximum zoom. Hit me on Line; the video works there. ID chibipotato16

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I’m not as good as you with copy-paste things but… here my village :slight_smile:


How could I have a panoramic photo in my game?

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