[Photo] Base, Vacation ready/ Rage quit ready

[Photo] Base, Vacation ready/ Rage quit ready



At some point you will go on vacation.

If you are like me, you will be scrambling at the last minute to find you Disney safari hat.

Don’t be scrambling to rearrange your base. Do it now.

==Rage Quit==

Empires is a mobile MMO.
Empires has PvP- individual & alliance.
Empires has Gacha summons
Empires has gems summons.
Empires has RNG paywalls.
Empires has ascension item paywalls.

Many users will rage quit, permanently, or temporarily.

In the past I have rage quite Empires multiple times.

The longest time was one hundred and twenty days ( losing 360 loot tickets ). Only Gryphonkit, my wife, and Noblessa, her Best Friend Forever, lured me back to playing. Selfishly in Gryphonkits case, because Twilights Bastion took a dive on Titans and war without my broad roster. Gryphonkit also missed my scouring the forums for advice and rumors.

So I have prepared my base for my next rage quit ( my latest was for four days ).

==Rage quit ready base==

Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) is the best Hero XP per recruit, but painfully slow. Extra low cost training is a key to a good Rage quit ready base.

Guaranteed Rare ( RT12 )/ Elite ( RT13 )/ Legendary training ( RT20 ) let you store food for later. The summoned heroes are mostly 3* 1.1, but these can be used to level 4* 4.60 and 5* 4.60 heroes since they take up no hero roster space until you collect them. To help you decide, see links.

Training camp targets:

Extra low cost= 1800- 1849 training ( 150 days to 154 days )
Guaranteed Rare/ Elite/ Legendary= 75+ training ( 150+ days )
Extra low cost= 360- 410 training ( 30 days to 34 days )
Extra low cost= 360- 410 training ( 30 days to 34 days )

Note: If you are leveling a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team you might want to change to the following:

Extra low cost= 636- 653 training ( 53 days to 54 days )
Extra low cost= 84- 167 training ( 7 days to 13 days )

This makes it easier to switch Delta to Extra fast training ( RT19 ). Depending on your play style you may also switch it to Uncommon ( RT02 ) or Common ( RT01 ). See links.

==Base Photo==

The Base photo has Camp Delta at Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) 360- 410 in training ( 30 days to 34 days ).

The two buildings under construction are both Forges being brought up to level 20.

Underneath the Level 10 Barracks is a Level 20 Farm.

==Finished hero hoard==

I am also hoarding finished heroes until I get a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team since I have a good roster of 4* 3.60 heroes ( about twenty ) and I am bringing up a second excellent rainbow 4* 4.70 team ( plus ten, for a total of about thirty )

Extra low cost, 1650 Finished, waiting for good rainbow 5* 2.60 team
Legendary, 172 in training OR 42.484 million food hoard
Extra low cost, 532 Finished, waiting for good rainbow 5* 2.60 team
Extra low cost, 238 Finished, waiting for good rainbow 5* 2.60 team



I clicked on this post, expecting to find something different. This is beautiful, and very informative. I think it could also be applicable for “Long vacation preparation” or any other reason you may be away from E&P for an unforseen amount of time. Very well put together! Thank you for the notes.

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You are, without a doubt, the most prepared impetuous person I have ever encountered. Very nice, sir!


Good God i have to say it…
I Love your ■■■■■■■ Posts!

Ist Like a Robot or the Alpha komplex Computer write them.

So much Information.
You are truly remarkebel.

You clone steps shiny and glistening from the vat.

Apparently the Alpha Complex computer decided Empires and Puzzles was a secret society and decided to purge all the users.


I’m sorry citizen, but this joke contains information requiring Ultraviolet clearance to appreciate. Any laughter would be clear evidence of treason.

But I’m secretly a Commie, so :rofl:


Im rly suprised someone knew what i was talking about xD

Happens rarely…

P&P ftw


Vacation and Atlantis Rising

With +50% loot, Atlantis Rising is a good time to stock up on recruits for your vacation base.


(Recruits, Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It's Raining Loot Tickets!)

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