Phone burn in

Anyone else having issues with phone burn in? I have a galaxy s9+ and I’ve been playing this game regularly for about 9 months and recently I’ve noticed some screen burn in from the white borders around the heroes and the diagonal lines above…I know this can be an issue with AMOLED screens just wondering if others are having this problem and of there’s anything that can be done other than playing less. I know the onscreen home buttons are made to move ever so slightly now to prevent burn in…not sure if small giant is implementing anything in their software but I’m kind of bummed to have to choose atm between a game Ive been enjoying and having a nice looking phone screen. I have the protection plan but not sure I can get it replaced if it’s caused by a game


Change phone perhaps? I advocate for iPhones since I have been using them since the first generation 12 years ago. No virus and no lag but thats just me. :slight_smile:

Probably a debate is going to start soon about iPhones vs Android. :rofl:


I don’t have isue with Android. Play 2 phone , My main acct, second my alt. Both running well. But with my alt, sometimes the phone is hot ( esp if you use it nonstop, to play , youtube etc) lol. But so far so good.

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I looked this up a few mins ago cause honestly I thought you were crazy. I am a tech nerd have been a tech nerd for years. I hadn’t heard burn in used since CRT’s and Plasma tv’s were a thing.

That being said its 100% possible your having screen burn in issues. I did some goggling and turns out OLED’s are prone to screen burn in. Most new high end flagship phones use OLED’s.

I did fine someone that had a similar issue to yours. They used there phone for work with google maps ((Displays a Lot of White)) they used it 1-4 times a day. They got screen burn in contacted Samsung (They were on a Note 8) Samsung agreed to warranty repair the phone. Obviously your millage might very but worth a shot.

I also read that Iphone X can have the issue also.

LCD’s seem to be for the most part immune to these issues.


Its something common on screens with hot burning phones… And this happens now with this game since last version was released… See below…


Well I play a lot on the iPhone X. No problems here. :smiley:

I have samsung s8. Hero cards and “chat” -text burned into my screen. I got new screen and didn’t have to pay for it. Now with new screen, i’ve started to reduce screen brightness everytime i play. It’s stupid to make a phone less enjoyable just to be able to use it without ruining it.

Apple buys the screens for their iPhone X from Samsung so you have the same chances of this happening. You probably just don’t keep the same image on the screen as much as Lightningmike19

Why in the world would we want to stare at the same image for so long? I play this enough to have the image change every second. :rofl:

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It seems to affect every phone differently. The nerd in me enjoyed reading about.

I found some of the factors that can play a role are screen brightness.
Components them self’s
use habits

to name a few. I am guessing since components can play a role its why the warrant against it.

Well I never had a problem with iPhone, don’t intend to have one anywhere in the future. :rofl:

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Wife’s S7edge has the keyboard burned in from too much Facepaging… happens.

My 150$ phone runs the game just fine. Replace the battery of your Samsung and if the heating problem persists, replace the phone.

Bottom of my note 8. You can see the hero boxes. Chat button on the right as well.


Glad i buy cheap phones

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Hahahahahaha… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Man, i have the 9+ too. Hope i don’t get that at some point

Yeah mine looks like the pic posted…I just use it on auto brightness but it’s default settings do have the glare of 1000 sun’s…heads up for those who haven’t gotten it too deep with AMOLED screens…turn down the brightness and don’t play too much at once. And use those specials right away before the animation burns a hole in your screen lol

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burn in happen in any app if you leave it on too long like youtube i got burn ins of the play and previous and next buttons.

it’s a combination of the phone being on one type picture too long and the phone overheating/cooking the picture burn in in your screen. it’s mostly the whites of the pictures that burn in.

Samsung and Apple sell overpriced phones with integrated defects on purpose, so that you buy new one soon.