Phone App or PC


I know I’m late to the party, but how do you download this game onto your PC? And once I download it is there a way for me to log in to my profile that I started on my phone app or do I have to start fresh on the PC version?


You can use an emulator such as bluestacks or memu. Simply download, open the app -> go to google play and sign in with your account (email & password) -> download the game -> open the game.
You’ll have to complete the tutorial first (if i recall correctly), but after that just go to setting and sing-in with your google play account and you are all set up.


Do you know if this account is updated with your progress on your mobile device ? My kids have done this on an iPad and Galaxy phones and we’ve gotten mixed results. I’m curious about the emulator though…


as long as you are signed in with your google play account, the progress is always updated. I don’t know for iphones/ipads tho.


yes … i Play the game in all 3 platforms ( Ios , Android and PC ) and I use Bluestacks … no issues at the moment. the game is designed to work only one at the time … so if you sign in from one platform while you have other open … it just close the first one and let you with the one you just signed in . All instances updates you google account … so is all up to date no matter what you are using .

hope it helps