Phoenix VIP

Utter crap.

But hey, one more legendary aether for whales, so that they can reach soon 6 teams 5200tp each. Awesome!

God at this point i just wish this game died.


yeah…I think it’s too expensive for a pleasure, and it’s not necessarily that we get what we want

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Seriously, and I really do mean this with sincerity, just quit from the game now and save yourself the ongoing pain.

This is the way now. It’s not going back to some magical F2P paradise, if such a thing ever existed anyway.

The offers will be thick and fast now. Personally I don’t care, someone wants to spend that much for bragging rights in an anonymous game then all power to them.

I really don’t get why people would continue to play a game they no longer enjoy. Is it some sort of strange self flagellation?

There will be someone with a 5200 defence soon. Then they will push again and unlock another 5 levels. This is written as clear as day in the stars.

So like I said, if this is all getting too much then for the sake of your mental health just walk away and save yourself the stress and anguish.


Honestly i was shocked when I saw the price and what you actually get, ouch, or should I say, eww.

Blocking is free, do yourself a favor.

I will leave only when servers go down.


Getting it over 10 days is the BIG joke.
Nothing great in the offer…
most stuff is farmable
rest of the stuff either can be created in-game (trainers / battle items)
easily got from the game in a week, if not earlier (tokens / emblems).

By regular ViP standards, SG could have been smarter with the offering, instead of loading the offer with easily / freely available stuff for that value.
Eg: Underwild / Valhalla day-1 offers are better = give 10 gems pulls + 10 coin pulls + 10 WEF.

Get real SG… though feel that many will buy it & give them a false notion !


I didn’t think it was dreadful in value terms, taking a single summon as equivalent to 300 gems, even ignoring all the farmable padding. Not tempted though.

Here is the US version

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Assolutamente offerta inutile e cara… zero, non la considero nemmeno


Not the same in a sense, but remember that South Park episode when the boys were pirating music and the cops were showing what it did to the rich people. Instead of getting the new g5 plane, the rich could only get the standard g4 and all the subpar top of the line stuff.

It’s like if we don’t buy these offers, the ceo can only get the 2021 lambo and not the 2022 new and improved lambo.


At Taverns of Legends, same price is for 30 pulls.

The extravaganza crap offer gives 30 pulls as well.

At any other portal offer, it’s 20 (21 for towers, events) pulls and side loot also.

Yea this one comes with some emblems and some aethers. But let’s not say it’s worth just for the pulls as it isn’t (well at least objectively).


The pulls plus the emblems, 3* trainers and aethers, for those who haven’t taken the solemn oath not to buy aethers. The battle items are pure padding IMO.

Exactly, that’s the point, more pressure (to get the best financial results till the end of the year) less core game modifications less I’ m eager to buy their offers (sometimes ridiculous like this one). Where are you going SG?!.. Not this way!!!

It‘s just not worth the 30 bucks. Really. Even if they added 250 Gems a day (!), I would prefer other offers. At least it would be an offer to think about. :wink:

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Why is everyone so suprised? This is SG pushing for more cash lol as always most will buy it smart ones will not because there already in a comfortable position in the game.

It’s just another pop up deal you hav a look and if you don’t like it move on it’s that simple.

There going to be alot more coming as there pushing to make the payment.

Just keep playing till the end day comes if ever.


What’s on their mind??

How to get bigger paycheck? How? How? How? How?
QoL??? What’s that? Screw that QoL.
It’s about QoM (Quality of Money)


These days the game resembles a shop packed with super aggressive salespersons, offering you who knows what, one after another, sometimes even more than one at the same time! While you just wanted to look around. :joy:

As in real life, some people will be super annoyed and leave the place, some will never get tired saying no and just look around… And some will be buying. :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Game is still fun (at least to me), so I’ll continue playing… but this doesn’t mean I like the path the game is taking.
This offer is a big nope to me, as any other offer above 5€ and with poor rewards. I’d say I’ll just pass, but the overflow of popups Is becoming quite annoying


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Hit the nail on the head


This is like premium vip, 30 days.

One gets those extras only for 10 days, on top of normal vip stuff. First 10 days.

After that, it’s just regular vip stuff.

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