Phoenix VIP

If it was slipt in to 10 payments being just under 3 pounds I think most players wouldnt mind buying it day to day. This is a cash grab game so what would you expect lol.

This deal will make mid range players that are growing buy it.

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It does not surprise me that they tried to find new ways to sell the aethers.

Just that the avalanche of paid offers, new OP heroes, buffs on the new heroes that don’t need them and nerfs on the old ones make me feel that they are preparing to shut down the casino and are doing some heavy last minute work to get as much money as possible before closing down.

And why would I buy so many things that I will not be able to use so much :thinking:?

Price: 150 lei in Romania (~ 30 euro)


Disgusting. My answer is too short? I’m sorry: → Disgustier. :face_vomiting:


I think it’s called the Phoenix deal for a reason… No doubt it will die (not do very well)… And no doubt we will see it again… :fire: :fire: :fire:

P.S. Two ways to purchase 5* aethers today. Still no luck getting one from any other route (than the quest).


Terrible offer. I remember once I said that with LBs it’s not worth to buy anything anymore and just save for the ones with aethers.

But SG seems to have priced aethers worse than anything else in the game. These offers are just so overpriced that nothing in them is attractive. Drop of aethers in game is also so very limited, that even buying this offer you are still very much dependent on the Omega Quest appearing once a month - you’d need to buy this offer 5 times, and assuming their color is rotating, that’s just so overstretched. So either you go all in on these offers, which means multiply 30 EUR x 5 aethers x 5 colors = 750 EUR for it to really make a difference on your account (a cost of gaming laptop!); or just a single purchase that doesn’t make any difference. 30 EUR is a cost of solid AAA game on Steam sale - or now a cost of a microtransaction in a mobile game that makes no difference on your account. Choice is yours.

I keep my money in the wallet. Which isn’t that bad; if it was 10 EUR I’d be really tempted to buy. That’s 10 EUR more in my pocket.

I really wish nobody buys this to show SG that these decisions will only ruin them financially. But I already imagine whales are on rampage with these.


it isn’t surprising at all, i am used to seeing bad value “offers” by now.

what would be surprising is actually making a new offer that has great value for the cost. Best 2 are valor and normal vip.

my guess SG values an offer if it was bought by anyone and consider it successful… i mean if you had an offer of 1 Aether for 10$ someone will buy it… it doesn’t mean it is a good offer.

still i can’t understand why not try and make a super cheap offer with great value. nothing to lose, all virtual


scary and true!
just the thought of it shutting down is crazy…

it looks like they are going all on the selling mode
i thought it was supposed to be grind mode, but since Zynga took over the game changed and became a blood sucking money draining machine.

They are inspired on Morlovia: their special is steal 100% of the money received in credit cards, applied to all users.


Pay to win . This offer is simply a joke

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You know what would be crazy?! If this upcoming Omega Quest is the last one. Or at least the last one that will give out a boatload of 3* and 4* aethers.

The Omega Quests may become like the Trials, where you get a small amout of 3* aethers in the first battle, then 4* aethers in the next, and 1 big 5* aether in the final level.


Maybe put out there to make other ‘Offers’ look good :rofl:


When they start giving us 6k gems for 30e,and all these crap items, i may consider to buy, otherwise bye bye. This game will die, very soon if they become more greedy, and they will


By definition, any offer can only increase the gap between F2P and P2W, so nothing to lament there.

In terms of pricing, this deal is equivalent to paying for all the pulls and emblems, and then getting aethers and the battle items “for free”. Sounds meh to me (and most people commenting here so far).

To create a value you need to sell some.

If you are in the UK you might well be aware of DFS sofas. They have a year round sale and every sofa is half price.

To establish this “value” one of their shops sells the sofa at full price. It doesn’t sell anything at all but is just there to establish a full price for them to discount.

The irony is that we all know the sale price is just what the sofas are actually worth anyways.

Aether offers are an easy pass for me, I’ll just let the game give me what it gives me in that regard.


They are almost becoming a parody now… the non stop greed is just pituful. It literally is just milk it for absolutely every penny now with no concern for player experience or game improvement. Its kinda pathetic.

Unfortunately people will buy this…


“most people” doesnt mean they are also right.
If one writes about " no gems here" the most just follow.
I m not a zynga nor an SG fanboy but I prefer to see things from all angles before I cast the stone.

There just venting before purchasing :rofl::rofl:.


This is the same as the VIP Turbocharge which has been offered in Puzzle Combat since global launch. I was wondering when it would come to EP

9 summons for $30 plus the emblems is a good deal in my book. $3 per summon is standard in the game and this has a lot extra.

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:speak_no_evil::money_mouth_face::see_no_evil: from Italy!!!

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Those are still a relatively scarce resource, by the law of the supply and demand, the price is expected to be somewhat higher at first, and then to fall down as the market gets saturated. I guess they are counting on that.

However, the question is how players are evaluating aethers and limit broken heros? If we doesn’t put that much value in it, these offers look really ridiculous. I actually feel sorry about it, because these moves made literally every offer in the game look ridiculous to me. :expressionless:


Normal VIP is even better lol
With 900 gems and 90 emblems

This offer is a pure joke.


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