Phoenix Fire Recruiting

Phoenix Fire are currently looking for 5 players to join our family.
We are a fun and friendly bunch who only ask that players are active in both Titans and use all 6 war flags.
Trophy requirement is 2200
TP 4000
We currently take down 10* & 11* Titans with the occasional 12*
We also use line chat where we share war strategies and offer advice and support should you need help with improving your heroes.
If you feel that this is the right place for you, then please contact our leader Firespirit. Her line ID is Firespirit71.
We look forward to fighting alongside you.


:crossed_swords: 4100 TP & 2200 Cups
:crossed_swords: We fight mainly 11* Titans
:crossed_swords: Organized war strategy
:crossed_swords: 5 slots open
:crossed_swords: chewing gum and winning wars, and we all out of chewing gum

Line ID: firespirit71

We are a cool bunch, with players from several timezones, US-Europe, so chat is always active.

Core players have been together for over a year, and alliance is being led perfectly by Firespirit.

Everyone uses their flags without reminders, and titans are killed every time unless we decide to skip it.

Line chat group where all members are present.
And a rich library of in-game knowledge that’s being updated daily.

Reminder that only one recruitment add is allowed per alliance.

I tried to merge the duplicates together but there were so many that I defaulted to the forum rules and deleted them.

Thank you for remembering this with future recruitment ads.


I appreciate you trying.

Recruitment is the worse part of the game, and something Developers should look into.

Maybe personalized messages, or idk, but at the moment, to say at least it’s messy.

I agree. I hate recruiting. I’ve used AR and just don’t enjoy the uncategorized speed dating style. I tried Line which seems to just have recruiters (if you know about Line, you’re already a decent ways in the game or have a connection). I tried Facebook and just haven’t had much success (don’t like the organization of that). And I’ve tried the forum. The forum is my favorite - least effort and I’ve met some real good players here that have fit in well (that said, it’s not always fast). I’m currently recruiting here too for member 30.

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I’m using Line, but I’m not familiar with Line recruiting, is there a group?

I have a question off topic, how does one get on beta?

Regarding beta, see below. A very current read.

Regarding Line, there are a few rooms. My Line ID is LittleKAF (just like here). If you reach out, I could invite you.

And sorry about hijacking your recruiting thread (but I guess it’s being bumped :man_shrugging:).

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I see a new thread up, same m.o.

Closing this as the older (duplicate), keeping the updated one.

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