🔥 Phoenix Empire - Top50 alliance - 1 SPOT - Cheat Sheet for Download [post#72]

He is just not quite ready for his big boy pants yet

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Looking for a few heavy hitters. Join an ascending top 50 alliance looking to rise up to number 1!

2 spots left. Get em while you can.

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Cannot find Beer Bros nor Phoenix Fire (that one I can find the name but the alliance score doesn’t look right). I noticed non English were on a few. Which alliance can meet with my speaking and requirements below:

I’m currently in a tweener state for requirements.

  1. 39 4/5*, 24 5* upgraded
  2. Troops 23 except for 2 that are at 21
  3. Average 250k per titan currently doing 10*
  4. Defense 4600

My main concern is that I have another player with me that is part of the deal, but her levels:

  1. 16 4/5*
  2. Defense 4200
  3. Troops average level 8 ranging from Level 4 to Level 11
  4. Titan: 60k titan

Our current alliance looks like we would be a decent fit for Knights although we don’t both strictly meet requirements. thoughts on that and on English?

Hey @TakeYourLemons! Thanks for reaching out.
Phoenix Fire is actually “\ \ Phoenix Fire / /” but are currently full.

There is certainly flexibility with the requirements. We are a family that prides itself on great people over great roster.
Ill have a chat with the alliance leaders and see. Do you have Line by any chance?

All alliances speak English, plus some additional languages.

wow that’s nice, very creative card.

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Hey @TakeYourLemons, you are more than welcome to join Knights of the Phoenix.
It can be easily found, with ForgetfulHippy as the leader.

You can see how you like it there and if you are happy. No stress.
Then there is always opportunity to come to one of the other alliances if you’d like to take on bigger targets at any stage.

We all use Line, and have a huge support network there where we share everything if that’s something you’d be interested in.

:fire: Phoenix Empire - Spots available on rotation!
Enquire within.

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Very pleased to introduce the newest branch of the Phoenix Family tree - The Donut Factory!!

:doughnut: :beers: Top50 alliance with beers and donuts - what are you waiting for? :beers: :doughnut:

SPOTS AVAILABLE IN BEER BROS! Come and play with fun & experienced team-mates!

Search in-game, or Line: sanjoe2019 or muaddib-on-line

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2 spots open!!
Please enquire via Line :beers:

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wow you guys have expanded since i last saw…

nice to see you guys still kickin a*s


Phoenix Empire Cheat Sheet! :fire:
High def image available on request.
Line: muaddib-on-line

I would love this in high definition please. Thank you

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Come and join the Phoenix Empire Family today :fire:


1 spot open in EMPIRE!.
Also actively recruiting for Beer Bro’s (Phoenix), The Donut Factory and Chaotic Phoenix.

Join now, bring your friends
Please enquire via Line.

Line: muaddib-on-line

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