🔥 Phoenix Empire - Top100 - One spot open!

Clever… rugged clothes & practise swords count too :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. A great place to be with solid leadership.


Hi MD. Just wanting to help out a buddy and let you all know MD is a great leader.


Two spots available!
Come and join the PhoenIx Empire :fire:

“Give it to me! Give it to me!” she yelled. “I’m so wet, give it to me now!” My EX could scream all she wanted, but I was keeping the umbrella.

We have one spot open for a heavy hitter. Come join top 40 alliance Phoenix Empire and help is get to #1 Global!

Two men broke into a drugstore and stole all the Viagra. The police put out an alert to be on the lookout for the two hardened criminals.

We need one heavy hitter to help the Empire reach number one global. Is this you??? We want a long term member looking for a home. It doesn’t get much better then the Empire. Come Check us out. lineid sanjoe2019

We have 1 spot open for a heavy hitter. hit me up on line with your roster at sanjoe2019 if you are interested.

We have 1 spot open. hit me up on line if interested. We have a player staying until we find a replacement. If you are interested and want to join today we can make room immediately. Get her for the Mythic Titan and be in the top 100!

lineid - sanjoe2019

One open spot. Any big hitters looking for a home?

Lineid sanjoe2019

Looking for 2 big hitters to join a top 50 alliance.

Lineid sanjoe2019

Immediate openings. Big hitters needed. Lvl 29 mana. 40 maxed 5s. Lineid sanjoe2019

Let’s go 2 openings to be part of the Phoenix Empire family.

lineID sanjoe2019

We are down to 1 spot available after war. Hit me up on line asap if you want it. lineid - sanjoe2019

Waiting list open!
Come and join the PhoenIx Empire :fire:

Happy cake day / Forumversary @MuadDib :cake:. May the summons gate be extra generous today.


Looking for a few heavy hitters.

sanjoe2019 on line if you are interested.

Sanjoe2019 on line for any big hitters looking for a change. Stress free environment. We finish in the top 100 for quests and mythic titans. Hit me up asap to secure your spot.

Looking for a few good players. Pop over if you meet the requirements or hit me up on line at sanjoe2019 with any questions.

We have 1 spot open for a heavy hitter looking for a long term home. Lineid sanjoe2019

2 spots available after this war at Phoenix Empire. 14* titans, top 100 for everything. Looking to join a winning yet laid back group?

Hit sanjoe2019 or Thothishermes on Line and secure your spot.

This is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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1 spot available. Contact sanjoe2019 or Thothishermes on Line.

Come win wars with us.

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