🔥 Phoenix Empire - Top100 - One spot open!

Happy cake day / Forumversary @MuadDib :cake:. May the summons gate be extra generous today.


Looking for a few heavy hitters.

sanjoe2019 on line if you are interested.

Sanjoe2019 on line for any big hitters looking for a change. Stress free environment. We finish in the top 100 for quests and mythic titans. Hit me up asap to secure your spot.

Looking for a few good players. Pop over if you meet the requirements or hit me up on line at sanjoe2019 with any questions.

We have 1 spot open for a heavy hitter looking for a long term home. Lineid sanjoe2019

2 spots available after this war at Phoenix Empire. 14* titans, top 100 for everything. Looking to join a winning yet laid back group?

Hit sanjoe2019 or Thothishermes on Line and secure your spot.

This is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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1 spot available. Contact sanjoe2019 or Thothishermes on Line.

Come win wars with us.

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We are almost fully booked.
Rare opportunity to grab this last Table for 2 with a view.

Looking for long term players who are looking for competitive play without all the rules and pressure.

Hit us up on Line. Details above.

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One open spot after war. Contact sanjoe2019 or Thothishermes on Line.

1 spot open!
Push all events, 14* titans.

Looking for permanent players that enjoy hitting hard and pushing to the top.
Lvl29 troops a minimum requirement.
Line app preferred.

Comprehensive offence and defence war analysis for every war and wealth of knowledge with a combined total of over 100yrs experience in E&P.

Multiple Phoenix alliances to collaborate with.

Come and join the PhoenIx Empire :fire:

Please Enquire via Line: muaddib-on-line


One spot open!
Contact below to join.

Line: muaddib-on-line

  • Top100 alliance.
  • Comprehensive multi-alliance support network.
  • War tracking for alliance and individuals.


One spot open!
Pushing into top10 on the leaderboard.

Line: muaddib-on-line

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Looking for one heavy hitter. Do you think you have what it takes?

Look for sanjoe2019 on Line.

Spot will fill up quickly so make sure you get it while you can.

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One spot open after war. Top 100 in MT and AQ. Level 29 mana troops preferred and 40+ 5 star maxed.

Join Phoenix Empire, the place for exciting wars :smile::

Line: muaddib-on-line, sanjoe2019 or

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As an extra plug for Phoenix Empire, they joined the Top 100 ranks a year ago and have been a solid Top 100 alliance ever since.

It’s rare that they fight below 30/30, so spots don’t stay open long. Strong recruiting for a consistent alliance that keeps getting stronger.


+1 for Phoenix empire. Great group.


Hey Poo good to find you here. King time no see. Drop a line and don’t be a stranger.

That’s a 2 year old message you’ve replied to just FYI…poo retired ages ago I think

Last chance before war to join up!
Message on Line.

Spots open! Come on in and join the Phoenix Empire family.

One spot just opened right on time for war. Competitive wars, friendly environment, top 100 MT/AQ.

Mana troops level 29 for defense, 40+ leveled 5*.

If you’re interested, look us up and pop in to chat.

Phoenix Empire ☆PHX☆.

Line: victorstill