Phoenix Ascended is recruiting!

Friendly, active players have fun as we rain fiery doom upon all enemies! Must hit all titans and use all war flags or opt out
Currently beating 8* titans even though we have not all 30 member slots filled. If you participate in war, you must use all flags. Min 1000 cups required and we share tips and notifications on Line chat.

We have a number of places available. If you are looking for an active alliance where members help each other, come join us!

I’m interested. I am at level 39, Defense TP 3500+, 2000 cups. I use all my flags.

I’m looking for an alliance that is killing 6-8*.

Hi Winkalet

Wewould be happy to have you. Just search for Phoenix Ascended and ask to join and we’ll let you in


Phoenix Ascended is recruiting. We have space for 9-10 members. We would also be open to a merger with a smaller alliance of active players. Leadership can be negotiated.

1000-cup minimum. We prefer daily titan hits. War is optional, but all flags must be used. Line is required.

Phoenix Ascended plays for the love of the game. We have F2P, C2P and a few keeping their rosters fresh with 10x summons. We coordinate tanks and have a cooperative war strategy that accommodates an alliance spanning 4 continents. About 80% of our roster has 2000+ cups. Several players keep their cups over 2400.

Pop in and help us take down a few titans.

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Come join our fantastic team! We have 10 spaces available, so we could also merge with a smaller alliance and take in your friends as well.

We are rebuilding after an unsuccessful merger. Bring your friends - we have at least 14 spots open. Minimum cups are 1800. If you’re joining with a friend and/or alt account who is short on cups, we may make an exception. Cups are not necessarily the best measure of someone’s game.

Our titans are at seven and climbing. I would describe our war strategy as flex-Mama’s.

We prefer all members have line, but most coomunication is in-game chat.

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