Phishing taking place related to Empires and Puzzles

To the owners of the game, please note that I have received a few phishing attempts spoofing Apple based charges that I did not pay for. Not initiated by me and not billed to my card. Don’t know how wide spread this might be perhaps it’s just me. Heads up that somehow someone is resolving my game participation with my e-mail and Apple billing as a spoof. Perhaps it’s worth looking into but I know it’s hard to track. I have cycled my passwords once before and it recurs. No malware / spyware on any of my devices.

If it helps I can forward the e-mail and you can look at the entire payload (header, footer, IP send address, etc) if you would like.


I also have started receiving emails about gems from other games and log in requests very recently .

Thus is the only game installed on my phone… something is going on

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Guys, please contact the game directly via Game Support:

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Just trying to help you. Forget it.

I appreciate your help. I want to make sure the right people see it, like @Petri.


I’ve gotten these as well.

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Thank you for letting us know. Please do not click any links included in these e-mails and never give out your personal details which these scams are after.


@Petri this has gone all the way to my credit card. I think something something else is going on but just be aware that maybe there is a vulnerability with this fun game. I sincerely doubt it but I have been hacked for sure,

I am very sorry to hear about this.

Please do note that we don’t have access nor store any credit card information. All purchases are handled by Google/Apple. Make sure to contact them first on the matter as soon as possible.


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