Philippines expats recruiting US expats in the Philippines. Prefer newbies. Help each other grow and enjoy the game

I started a new alliance just for expats in the Philippines. Looking for members who want to grow and have fun, without the pressure to make a certain amount of attacks a day. I love the game and know a few tricks to grow. But, I have a life too.

Good luck to you. Wish your alliance well

  • from the Pearl of the Orient Seas

Thanks. My alliance will be fine. I am hoping to connect to some other Americans here. Anything more is just a bonus. I am at a point where I will be taking out 1* titans without help soon and continue my goal of completing season 1. Meeting friends that I might keep around a while and visit with in my language is the only real goal of the post.

I am a marathon type player. Time is relevant. But, I know there are more expats here playing the game. I would like to build my team with them.

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