🕵 Phileas Fogg – S4 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

True. In the end, it depends on what you look for in a wing. Usually I look for the for the one true mission of a hero. If the objective is to headshot a target, I would not mind a hero with lesser stats as long it has a higher damage count in the end.

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Yeah it’s not easy. What if Foggs all extras keep him alive to fire twice in 80% of cases while the same number is 50% for Lianna…god only knows.

Fighter class can be a real pain in the a*s. I don’t remember if there are a lot of fighter snipers, but Fogg has the potential to be annoying and dangerous in the same time. He is also sturdier than Lianna, and his attack stat is far more interesting. Do not forget that he debuffs like Kageburado, juste before his damages.

The other main green sniper - Kingston is fighter class.


I just remember there is also Magni, the famous blue canon glass. And yes, I repeat, but that kind of hero is really annoying, when they don’t want to die, and beat you because they continue to charge their mana…

I have both Phileas and Toxicandra waiting to level up, who would you prioritize?

I am running on defense: White Rabbit, GM, Telluria, Gefjon, Killhare.

I already have fully maxed Evelyn for elemental defense down. Would Toxi or Phileas be a good replacement for Telluria?

Fogg is not a good tank, his defense stat is not high enough for this purpose. He is more a wing. As you already own Evelyn maxed, I would go with Toxicandra. She can be a pain in defense, even though she’s not a great tank neither (a good flank however).


I love Fogg because he hits hard and dispels before the hit. So he will consistently hit hard. I also pulled Jade right after him but I have only 10 tonics…

Why worry so much about defense? Level the heroes you want to play with while you’re actually playing the game—not the heroes used while you’re offline. :vulcan_salute:t2:


There’s no competition here. Fogg is so much better

People seem to care so much about defence it’s crazy. So what if you lose cups.

The most fun I have in this game is raiding them back :joy:

So 100% I’m happy we get great offence driven heroes because as you say that’s the part of the game we actually use


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