Phenexa vs. Nadezhda

Recently I pulled both. They are both 5* red healers. Whom should I give rings to?

Nadezhda is a reviver not just healer. Normally I’d pick the newer more powerful one but Nadezhda is much more useful on offense. I guess phenexa for titans if you really need a red

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Have both maxed and Nadezhda would not be my first choice here. When I face hed in defense, she seems to revive almost everytime, but when I use her offensively, she is not reliable and ressurects not as much as I wish she would.
Phenexa on the other hand is fantstic, no bs, just straight to the point: Heal, Buff and great passive! I vote for Phenexa!

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Sounds like Nadezhda fits better in defense?

Phenexa my vote. Particularly if you have any good buffs you want to extend… in my case its luigi who turns into 7 turns of near invulnerability

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I also vote for Phenexa, she’s an amazing hero with a lot of useful secondary effects on top of the heal! But here’s a poll if you want more votes:

  • Phenexa
  • Nadezhda

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How about defense? Does Nadezhda fit defense better than Phenexa?

Magic heroes in defense are a bit of a mixed bag, again: With Nad, you are dependent on a little bit of luck, especially in defense, since your opponent can trigger her at first charge (with is meh) and she never arrives to fire her special at second charge. The meta shifts more and more towards heroes that prevent revive or influence the chances of revival, so I don’t think Nad will age as good as one might think.
A healer like Phenexa, that heals more than solid, gives mana in the right squad, reduces the chances of reviving for the opponent and gives that attack buff will never be a bad choice to take with you on raids :slight_smile:


Actually, they work well together.

9 tiles : Phenexa activates her special 1st time
12 tiles: Nadezhda activated her second special to revive and HoT
15 th tiles: Phenexa activates her special 2nd time and renew Nadezhda’s buff on HoT and reduced damge

I tested this combination and it works just like that. I can’t wait to level both of them and try this in war raids.

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I just leveled phenexa, she’s amazing. The buffs are great, I love watching the crit get insanely high. One tile just smoking a hero lol. Phenexa for me!

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I am currently leveling her up. She is at 4/40 now. After her, I am going to level 4 * from Bard family and followed by Nadezhda. Originally, I am thinking about the hero of the month but he has to wait longer at the bench now.

Phenexa is faster when you consider healing and is not as passive as Nadezhda because she also raises attack and critical rate. Nadezhda has multiple choices but her attack option is not that powerful. I also think Phenexa is more versatile, being more useful on titans and more reliable on defense. And that passive that lowers ressurection ratio is unique and handy to have in VF tournaments.

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I lack good fire heroes for defense and I pulled Nadezhda today.
Currently I’m using Ferant (yes, much better than any of my fire legendary for defense - his health is almost as high as lb emblemed) so obviously she’s great for me BUT I saw people complaining that she fires her first special on defense and 1st special is basically just losing mana. I haven’t encountered her enough times to make a conclusion.
What’s your experience with her on defense guys?

I had encountered her several times on defense. The annoying part is her 1st special is resurrection of herself. You can’t really to kill her. But her 1st special didn’t help others as a supporting hero. With that said, she needs another healer. I am thinking to pair her up with Melina after I maxed and emblemed Nadezhda. Their specials are complimentary to each other.

But it’s only for 2 moves and 2nd charge is very slow which starts all over again once she fires 1st… so you don’t really have to kill her after she fires 1st. And if you do, it’s very sloe all over again