Phant0m Ideas & Feature Request(S). :)

I’ve been pondering about making my own specific Ideas & Features requests topic. As you can see, I’ve made my decision. When I have more Ideas & Features requests, I’ll maintain this topic. Yep, I’ve read through the topic ’ Shortlist of Frequent Requests * ’ and wanted to still share covered or otherwise subjects that I feel strongly about.

Here they are;

1) Battle Items: When specific Item or Item(S) have been used up completely, the Battle Items list should not automatically place other items into that list! If someone frees spot or spot(s) under Battle Items, should remain FREED / UNUSED until game player decides that HE or SHE wishes something to go there!

2) Heroes Teams: It shouldn’t be just only three options. You have a defence team, you have a Titan team, you have team for on World map. I suppose its common to see people using the team for on World Map to also be used for doing raids.

We should also have the ability to set a Titan team marker on the Titan team we have made, just like we have a Defence team marker. The same goes for raids and soon, alliance wars team?

Under each type of team we should have optional sub-teams listing, we can choose to switch out for instance one Titan team for another Titan team to suit are desires on whim!

3) Hero Trading / Swapping: It should be supported in the game, between at least our alliance members. This support should offer means to trade / swap one or more heroes simultaneously for another person’s hero or heroes. I wouldn’t even restrict it to just hero swapping, but resources and materials also. With and without hero or heroes.

How I would have it, person A can send a request to another alliance member, asking if they wanted this hero or heroes for specific hero or heroes they have or might have. If that person B interested, they respond to a request with acceptance, or not, or debate to make things little more enticing for them. If it’s acceptance, the person A gets a screen that shows the trading lists of what’s going to be exchanged, with Accept or Deny buttons. If it’s a debate, the person A gets a screen with the person’s B terms. If accepted by person A, the person B gets the screen that shows the trading lists. If accepted at this point by person B, the trade can be made, otherwise debated, or denied.

Also hero or heroes being requested by person A, needs to be added through a selection box showing all of their own heroes via trading screen. Person B receives the request, and with in-game check showing person B if they meet all person’s A requirements. If not, then person B cannot respond back with accept, only debate or denied.


I love your idea for additional teams!


… Continuation of my original post;

4) Troops Favourites: Like heroes, we should also be giving the option to lock troops to prevent accidentally being fed! It shouldn’t be no different since people are spending money to get troops and some we don’t want to loose and we cant lock them because we can only have three heroes teams. For different reasons but one example; we keep two star troops just to used in those monthly side quests.


All good ideas. #1 is new. The others have been proposed and discussed in other threads and, I hope, will be considered by the devs.

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… Continuation;

5) Landscape mode support in Chat. It is extremely difficult to be using Empires & Puzzles Chat under Portrait mode from mobile devices like cell phones.

Fully endorse your #2. Would love more team slots (5 would be good).

(The irony is when I first started the game I couldn’t see the point of having more than 1. :laughing:)

Your other ideas all good so far as well… ESPECIALLY your #4.

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I have seem other games degrade badly when this ability was introduced. It can escalate out of control quickly with real money sales of in game characters leveled/ascended or not. I have played in games where people made a good amt of Money trading in characters.

With regards to heroes trades / swaps, something needs to let up. Getting decent heroes to help the alliance is proving to be a real quest! For different ones, doesn’t matter how much you spend, you just don’t get decent heroes.

Something has to change in some way!

Also regarding ham and iron, we need a system to convert between the two. Not good at all to have maxed of one thing and little of something else.

… Continuation;

6) Heroes specs animations & sounds… With Empires & Puzzles game version 1.10.x, Lianna has a delayed swords clashing sound now, and me and others all agree that this is annoying and doesn’t make sense anyways. Lianna don’t use sword she uses a bow and arrow!

February HoTM… Zeline, her specs animation is ridiculously too intrusive! It obscures most of gem tiles.

Some good news on your #4


Wonderful News! Thanks Little_Infinity

My feature request, #4 - Troops Favourites, now possible with v1.11 of E&P. Thank you SG!

My feature request, #2 - Heroes Teams. Regarding extending the number of team slots has been increased from three to five with one of the updates. I’d still like to have the ability to set markers for also Titan team, World team and hopefully Alliance teams… just like we do with the Defence team. :smirk:

Hero Team Slots should be six, especially with wars being introduced. During war, we get 6 war energies so we should naturally be allowed to lock in and build six teams. Or if you keep at five, reward someone that participates using all 6 war energies by allowing them to use heroes already used for that last attack.

Like the titan marker idea. It could be used similar to attacks in wars, where we select the heroes for each titan attack like we do when we select heroes to attack in each round of war. Different titans could more easily be attacked with various heroes more suited for that titan instead of having to edit an entire team for each titan attack.

Here is my request: how about making Hero of the Month and Special Event Heros available in the respective Training Camps (20 and/or 13) only during the time the Hero is otherwise available?

This would give the F2P players at least a chance to get them. I believe this would help maintain interest in the game for us, as it’s realisticly impossible to compete with the P2W players without some of them.