Pets event - Rare (2 WE) stages - best farming spot?

Call me crazy but I LOVE the Pets Rare (2 WE)* quest stages for farming Orichalcum nuggets, coins and exp - it gives the best return I think, although it is a bit mundane. I use the nuggets for tornadoes and I seem to get a lot of them!

It seems to me to be the easiest / fastest event to finish so far on autofarm…

Having said all that, it does get a bit boring repeating the same level over and over and over and over…

Mind you I haven’t done all the recent challenge events.

Anyone agree/disagree?

*Meaning any of the stages that are 2 WE, although I prefer farming Rare 1 as it has 9 monsters and one less boss space as @Ruskin505 mentioned below, which in theory should increase the chance of coins.


Agree it does feel the easiest or at least the quickest event to fully complete.
I don’t normally go back and repeat any of the levels so not sure about the loot situation…. But will now give rare 2 a try


Rare 2 is always the best stage for farming in challenge festivals. During those events I always use that stage to autoplay with all my WE.
Epic/Legendary do not have nearly as good XP/WE

Challenge events and Alliance quests don´t follow the same system for some reason. The best stage for XP farming would actually be rare 10. However I can´t autoplay it, so I usually still do rare 2 (80% XP compared to stage 10). but the XP gets better every second stage, so it increases 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 to 10. Any of those stages are good for farming.

Epic 10 and Legendaty 10 are very close to Rare 10 in XP/WE, but Epic/Legendary start at much lower XP, so there isn´t really any point looking at these difficulties for farming other than entertainment when actually playing the last stage in either difficulty, autofarming there isn´t possible for me.


I prefer farming Rare 1 as it has one boss which allows two more spots for chests to pop up.


I always wondered if that’s really playing in your favour or is it offset by lowered odds.


I generally buy into the theory that higher levels have higher chances for chests or rare monsters.
Stage 1 has 33% more monsters (8/6 = 1.33). I doubt each higher level increases chest odds by 33%. I could easily be wrong. But you bring up a good question.

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i try rare 2… and 1 WEF (51 flags) got 1 coin… :joy:

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100% agree with this lol.

I’m in this mainly for the coins

That’s my general feeling for all challenge events :stuck_out_tongue: I always aim for top 10/5/10k , and often need to replay a bit and improve my scores enough to feel safe…

I do like autoplaying rare levels 1-2 though… after I feel safe enough in my scores :stuck_out_tongue:

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Been farming rare 1 and rare 2 but haven’t gotten any chests.

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Fwiw I’ve used about 5 flasks and obtained about 9 chests (most from rare 1)


Perhaps you are the rare one to get chests from rare one. I will try a little more.

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Mind you I had no coins at all today so… that’s just RNG lol

I like it because it has 1 more enemy (1 boss + 2 baddies instead of 2 bosses) making it somewhat faster to fill chests.


Case in point guys

PS. I just realised my topic title was confusing. The topic was referring to those Rare levels that require 2 WE , I was not specifically referring to the “Rare 2” level - I’m referring to all the levels that are 2 WE.

To clarify, I almost always auto-farm Rare 1 for the chance at the two extra slots for coins - I do occasionally farm Rare 2 to mix things up if I’m having a dry spell


Been all over rare and not a chest in sight.

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i got 19 coins… at rare 2
but… pulled 2 x 3* s1 :rofl: 1 x 3* event :rofl: