Petition to make a duck pin!

There are pins for dogs, cats, butterflies, and even a mouse pin! Here lies my biggest issue…
None of these animals are actually in the game, yet the one animal in the game(that can be interacted with too!) has no pin!

This is outrageous and must be resolved post haste!!!

  • Absolutely, duck pins should be at the top priority above all else and must be made immediately!
  • Yes, ducks are an important part of the E&P ecosystem and should be represented.
  • No, they are just ducks.
  • Never, they are the devils incarnate! Shoot them down!!!
  • What?

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  • This was inspired by @Olmor’s profile picture!

I don’t even normally buy pins, but I would buy a duck pin. :smile:


Is this the first unanimous poll on the forum?!


My dyslexia is killing me with this title.

We need a duck avatar ! :smiley:

Reward for the mission “Hunt 1000 ducks” - maybe. :laughing:


What’s a pin? Seriously.

Also, I still suspect those birds flying over the castle are not ducks. There are ducks in the park behind my mom’s apartment. Ducks DO NOT fly that high.

How high (or fast) they fly depends on the size of the dragon they are trying to escape from :smiley:

Pins are the little round icons on the top right of some player pics, often a flag. I think they are only available for purchase in the shop.

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Yes, we need definitely a duck avatar. But pin is also essential. :grinning:

Call me an old quack, but I’d love to swan around with my duck pin so everybody said to me “yes mallard, no mallard” and I could get down with the crowd and ruffle some feathers.

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Yes! I mean my screen name is DuckmanGamez! Lol

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