Petition to change PoV hero experience

Could we please get the Gain Experience for Five Different heroes. Changed to Gain 5 Levels for a single hero. Wouldn’t this make more sense? If I’m wrong let me know. If you agree let me know. Thanks for your time everyone.


Why have this to be changed?

Some level normaly just one hero at once, but there also players like me that level 5 at the same time. One for each color.

Just feed one hero per color, if you don‘t like this one.

You gain more XP, if you feed the heroes with only the color.

Btw, what you going to do, if the only one hero you actually level it‘s a 5* in his closely final stage, and you have not that much feeder heroes left?


I disagree.
The experience for many heroes is easier to obtain for most.
Players would end up levelling useless 1* heroes just to complete the challenge.

Waste of resources, IMO


Gain 5 levels for a single hero would be difficult to do in one day. Unless…

… yeah what @DragonSnake said. Beat me to it. I’d end up leveling a stupid 1* just to finish it.


as would I, @TGW :slight_smile:

and as @Ysabella said, I almost always have one hero of each color that I am levelling at the same time


But, you easy level, when you do this on a 3* costumed hero :joy:

I did this on the last Path, when the challenge was level heroes


Ditto that as well. On-color feeding yields most xp per feeder. Might take longer to level up 1 single hero that way, but you will end up leveling up 5 heroes faster than you would have if you just rainbow fed 5 separate heroes individually.

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I always do on-color, exception being if I am power-levelling, which is rare for me to do anyways.

I do, however, level useless 1* troops when that mission shows up in PoV :wink:

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Yep. Same.

Occasionally I will power level a hero if a war is about to start and it’s close to being done…

The troop mission annoys me. I know I could waste a 1* troop like that, but I usually just skip it.

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Not in favor with the OP. Let this idea go to the waste bin as I dont like this implemented in POV for reasons cited by the above forum users.


Troop mission doesnt bother me, I have enough spare troops to do it easily.

If i power-level a 5*, its usually already at about 3^70 when I start, although I have done a 5* from 1^1 before.

Only takes a couple of hours, but sore fingers after, lol :wink:

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Ah, so you hoard your feeders.

I usually feed mine as soon as I get them. But that’s just me… I know most people here probably keep like a year’s worth of feeders in their TCs.


lol, yeah, I am one of those.

My TC11’s are about a year out in training, with about 1k in each already trained.

I like to keep my options open :slight_smile:


@TGW & @DragonSnake

Yeah, the troop leveling is the anyoing one, especially when you only have high level troops.

Lucky, i start with my second 4* troop set. At the moment, it‘s easy to do for me.


Or just change it gain 5 lvls for hero/heroes.

Tbh, that’s how I complete the “gain 1 level for a troop” challenge… those with troops at levels 25+ know how stupid this challenge is. I always put 2 1 star troops in another 1 star troop.

I do feel what the OP is trying to change. I do face it myself recently also. I used to always have a hero to work on - even if no legendary hero I intend to max then a new epic one, or some legendary I do not intend to max but perhaps at some point I will change my mind. Then the 3 stars started making sense, and new 3 stars were released with easy odds to obtain them. So I always had a hero of each element I put matching feeders in.

However, I found myself in a place where I have eventually maxed nearly everyone I could ever use (even monsters like Agwe, Gobbler etc.). For weeks until recently I didn’t even took feeders out of my training camps and have over 5000 of them awaiting for new pulls. When I do get a new hero I don’t mind matching elements - I just put in everything in it until I max them or run out of food.

So when I am suddenly challenged to level up 5 different heroes, it is something that makes no sense to me. Luckily I do have stuff like unlevelled costumes on some dupe heroes etc I can work on but it is always more complicated than it should be. Few times I ended up feeding a feeder which I found ridiculous.

I think gaining 5 levels for a single hero would eventually feel forced in some scenarios as well (yea legendary hero at 4.70+ 5 levels may be no joke) but that would quite likely be less common than current version of the challenge.


That still requires more than current. There’s no requirement to level a hero at all right now.

If you’re so far down the game that you don’t have heroes to work on, or only a hero… either feed a single 1 to a 1 five times, or skip this one. There’s plenty of tasks that lower level players can’t do.


I could not possibly gain 5 levels of a hero in one day as I stand. I am mostly working on taking 5* from 3rd to 4th tier. And I’m not wasting feeders on a feeder to finish it.


Thats why 5 levels. Not 5 levels for single hero or level up 5 heroes.

Gain 5 levels is way harder than this. 5 different heroes = feed a single feeder to another feeder 5 times, easy peasy.


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