Petition for Small Giant Dev

Kindly ask everyone to keep in mind, that top Russian alliances have nothing to do with this petiton.
Though Russian community made a good laugh out of that text.


I’m not sure i want to see the acension item in his trunks !!


Honestly go on Google play write a bad review give it 1* get everyone else to do that if you want to hurt them.

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20times no love for your petition.


@Dudeious.Maximus it doesnt look like the goal is to hurt sg or e&p but instead to make the game more affordable or if not affordable at least more justifiable for continuing to spend.

the legendary tavern was pretty pointless from my perspective as a budget player, 3 bucks gets you nothing from it.

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Just going to drop this in here; pretty much every idea on your petition is a repeat of stuff already in the #ideas-feature-requests… There would be more value (I think) to adding your Forum Votes to the threads rather than signing a third party petition…

1 - Higher Cost Guaranteed 4-5 Star Summons, without 3*

2 - There is one for like every portal… but an example: [MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

3 - Pity Counter/Timer for Summons MASTER

4 - Don’t think this one actually exists BUT I highly doubt it would ever be implemented given that the RNG part of the board setting is inherent to the game… It (along with the match-three mechanism) were the first parts of the game developped.

5 - [Implemented -- V35] Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]
5 - Tournaments between alliance members (Inner Alliance Tournament)
5 - War idea... intra-alliance wars

6 - [Master] - Improving Rare Titans
6 - [Master] - Improve Titan Loot
6 - Devs, sit down here a minute, we need to talk – Improve War Loot & War Chest Rewards
6 - Ascension Items are too Rare

7 - Elemental chests should only give unfarmable ascension materials / Guarantee 1x 4* Epic Mat

8 - “Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

9 - They are already doing something to this effect & having 24/7 service team.

So if you look into each of those threads there is a combined total votes of 1113 (not including all the hundreds of threads relating to your petition that I didn’t link).


Hmm voting system accounts for squat and none of this really matters honestly

If SG was to implement these suggestions, they would be sure to butcher the hell out of them…hero academy…tavern of legends…raid tournaments…alchemy lab…nuff said








Agreed :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t matter how many votes or petitions get received cause in the end, it comes back to what the Devs want to / feel would be good/best to implement (for whatever reason that may be… :money_mouth_face:)


wow, it just seems that this forum is now a dumping ground for voicing anger. I remember the days when this forum was a place where we discussed offenses and defenses, mats, levels, etc.


What’s going to happen if enough people will have signed up? :rofl:

Do you think, SGG can be blackmailed by some guys that will qiut if something won’t happen like they want?

Imho that petition is for the can.
What a crazy sh!t…


Either spend or not pick your choices on deals and use said deals in your pleasure

either sign the petition or dont. nobody is asking for your approval on whether to have a petition or not.

sg does a great job but nobody is perfect. this game absolutely wasnt so expensive to be competitive in during its first year and a half on the market. let people voice their opinions.


You can side with the company that’s cool respect your opinion. But, you seriously have to question the last couple threads where players are now basically “calling out” SG staff directly and talking about other games… I get the “real sense”/ genuine feeling that these same players just don’t care if they get in trouble, flagged or even muted from the forumns anymore… has it come too this - just to get a “response” from SG?..Yes, it pretty much has

I only want one answer form the SG staff and I would like an honest one…who/how did one of you ever come up with the gem deal where gems are donated to alliance members? Totally out of character, totally out of the blue and sent a “shock wave” through the community…an anomaly like that is like a meteor- definately in your guys case. I’m suspecting some “twighlight zone” type answer

Your petition has so many changes that it seems to me you’ve been playing the wrong game all along.

Sorry, not signing, some of the requests seem plain childish to me.


Our petition is a collection of users suggestions…

Thank you for suggestions, we trying to change the text of petition for optimal communication. :+1:

Am I curious about the response of the SG staff? Just to see if it’s worth spending more money or investing it differently

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what a embarassing jumble of false statements … greetings from Italy that disagree

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