Petition for REAL RNG!

I want real rng from this game not this pseudo-rng on colour based, attack prediction, etc. I wan PURE rng. This game is just BS rng.


What’s a real rng? No clue what a bs rng is compared to a real rng


My vote is for the BS RNG!

Or maybe we can vote for a board RNG just covering the colors of your line-up? :roll_eyes:


Please provide citation or proof! Be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Proof? Easy. Put 4 heroes of same colour and do screen shot of first round. There you will see that this is not real rng.

I think the board is built on presets. The presets are random. If the board will be built on pure RNG, you would have a hard time to match 3 tiles :slight_smile:

Several computational methods for pseudo-random number generation exist. All fall short of the goal of true randomness, although they may meet, with varying success, some of the statistical tests for randomness intended to measure how unpredictable their results are (that is, to what degree their patterns are discernible).


Cannot confirm 100%, but I believe that E&P uses PRNG.

EDIT #2:

I say this as someone who was given bad seeds myself.

Then on top of that, SG went and sprayed Roundup on all of my crops.


Can we close this thread now that proof positive has been provided?


Looks great. Guess OP is wrong…

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You have actually stated the opposite of what you want.
The current boards are REAL RANDOM. And by that, I mean pseudo -random, which is basically a simulation of random where you cannot tell the difference. I believe RNG in almost all games these days is pseudo-random.

Now, what you really want to say is that you want the boards to be LESS RANDOM. Meaning, you don’t want boards where there is a chance that you are given very few tiles of your chosen colour. Because real random will always get some boards which have very few of your colour, or your clour dispersed far apart from each other. What you want to ask for is for the algorithm to put in controls to prevent such unfavourable boards, thereby leading to a higher win rate for the entire player base of E&P. That sounds like fun, lets make everyone a winner, regardless of skill or effort :slight_smile:


Depends on how many trophies you currently have when compared to your TP. If trophy is lesser the game will provides beautiful board to you, otherwise you will lose the battle by poor board offering, even the board is not that bad but opponents attack and defense power will become unreasonably high, no matter how well the strategy you have, your TP is higher then opponents, already on color advantage, color stacking…

RNG is a tool to cover all the things, but how it’s work is actually control by programmer, I’m not believed that is really random to be honnest.

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One of a few ways to get true random is to measure something in nature that is constantly changing, and have that measurement serve as the seed for a particular board (or summon-pull, etc). But that’s very expensive, and prone to errors itself.

These kind of threads make me wanna tear my hair out.
There’s no evidence to support the OP’S claim that isn’t anecdotal. If there is evidence, please display it with enough of a sample size that we can determine something of statistical significance.
It’s not true random number generation, but like stated earlier it’s so close that it’s awful tough to statistically PROVE that its not.
Quit complaining and practice the game. Or quit. I don’t care. Stop clogging the forum with “it’s not rng it’s against me! It’s against stacks!”
No, you’re looking at a scapegoat for a crappy run of raids and I’m sure you forget when you get a great run of boards as well.
I’ll be waiting for you to back up your claim. I doubt you’ll be able to, and I’m sure whatever comes next will either be silence or a nonsensical, inane response about how the boards are rigged.


If someone can just predict:

• the number of tiles per color/element appearing prior to the opening boards,
• the respective placement of the tiles prior to the opening boards, and
• the subsequent tiles showing after tile movement or player turn.

I don’t care whether its plain RNG or PRNG or TRNG, or whatever alphabet you want to designate it, if someone can predict that consistently, then I will believe those who claim that the boards are not random. Until then…


Dude, not worth it!


This just made me die laughing!!! Thanks because I really needed it! For real!!! It was as also insightful. But I think RNG should stand for “really not good”!

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Just more proof that most people really have no concept of what random means.

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You know I’m a cantankerous f*** lol.
I cant help myself.

Boards were rigged only for 2.5 years, but this is completely fixed now:

tenor (1)

There was a bug that beta users were able to exploit.
Wasnt rigged fornanyone else.

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