Petition for more food farms :) + expand our village

Hello everyone! This is my first topic and I’m sorry if it’s already done, I tried to search for one like this but couldn’t find so if it’s repeated please feel free to close it.

So, I’ve been playing this game since 2017 and I’ve noticed that with each expansion there are more and more heroes, more troops, more options to upgrade our heroes but they all require MORE FOOD but… the amount of farms it’s still th e same (except for the boost they added that allowed to increase a few farms from lvl 20 to 10+) but still in my opinion isn’t enough to cover the supply of new heroes/troops/materials needed to keep up with the changes in the game… another point is that for me it was fun running my village and upgraded my things lol and now I have pretty much everything maxed… so I don’t see a point in this feature anymore…

As far as I know there are no plans on expanding the village (correct me if I’m wrong)… so I start a petition so we could have this in future upgrades :slight_smile:


I could support this but i need iron. An easy fix would just be to cut back on how much it costs to train imo. Kinda ridiculous imo. Depending on the lvl u are that is always an issue. So just cheapen the cost. Boom solved. :thinking:


But for me it’s fun to run my base and level up my farm/mine/etcs and now I have everything maxed so it’s boring

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How r u out of ham? If all is maxxed, don’t u store ham in tc 20 ? Or u powerfeeding heroes too? Either way sure I’d love to get more ham reserves and iron. Still wish troops weren’t so hungry…

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I have about 10 heroes 5* to max… plus troops, plus camp 20, plus legendary heroes re training you can easily run out of ham… as I said I’ve been playing since 2017 xD

Lmao missed that part. See i don’t have many to work on anymore so all my ham goes to troops. 4 years here too. Just stopped being a whale. More of a sea bass now :laughing: