Petition: Change Rigard to Yellow

one of the best healers in the game is terrible , interesting.
Fast mana, cleric class, 40% health restored, emblems prevent the ailment 1/3 of the time.
Give me more “terrible” heroes like this, I take them all.


hmm, if Kashhrek were to be changed to yellow from green his ability would change from ‘defense against fire’ to ‘defense against dark’, and a +94% def vs dark on a holy would be very powerful…


noooo don’t change my Sabina! I often use her and Rigard together when I go mono… and sometimes, when the enemy doesn’t have any ailment casters, I use her instead of Rigard :joy:

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Hm. Actually, that idea of changing Sabina to Yellow does make some sense. Yellow at all levels (that I can recall) lacks a status dispeller except for Costume Vivica, so not only would yellow gain its first S1 4* healer it’d also gain its first S1 dispeller that isn’t a super-rare costume. Purple would still have Dominitia and Tyrum.

I think you also need to include the option of a buff to an existing S1 yellow 4 star to give it Decent healing powers …

Well of the existing 4 yellow 4* heroes (Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Chao) Chao is by far the least used.

His special can be re-written as:
Summon a Hawk minion for each ally, and recovers 30% health for all allies

or they can just add a new yellow, purple, blue since those three colors only have four 4*s while red and green have five each in season 1

Yes my vote for a buff would go to either Hu Tao or Chao. Now that really would make one of them very useful

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It’s done by design find me a fire dispeler please, it’s so you use hero’s in different situations.
■■■■■■■ change rigard what yall on and can you send me some please :wink::+1:

Could you provide any evidence on that or is it only guessing? It might be just my subjective feeling, but out of these four, I do use Chao the most (because of his fast mana). :crazy_face:

Sorry, for going a bit off topic…

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I hope you dont take this the wrong way but I think it’s requests like these that give a bad taste to all requests.

If all requests were like this I can understand why SG would ignore requests but I hope for the sake of all the good requests that they just treat this as an exception to the rule.

I think the omission of a classic healer from yellow is intentional to get us to crave for the likes of Delilah or LW, the former sparking a chase at the Tavern.

And Rigard has been purple for so long (and all stacking strategies reliant on this fact) that it would seem wrong to just randomly change his colour. That would mean purple would lack another 4* and is the implication of that that one of the yellows has to change to purple? I think that would cause a bit of a mess.


Apparently, Noble Cavalier is DARK

And Purification is DARK skill.

Maybe we should change his title/skill name instead? :thinking:

So your suggestion would be decrease purple 4* nos from 4 to 3 and increase that of yellow to 5?

I’d say that’s an understatement. Lol.

Back to the original issue:

While yellow may be the only element without a S1 4* healer… isn’t it the only element with a (pretty good) 5* one… a cleanser no less?

So the argument of switching rigard’s element then becomes more unbalanced… both S1 cleansers are in the same color. The solution should be more about introducing an attainable 4* hero to fill the obvious void, not switching the element of another one.


Lady Woolterton or what is that sheep name? My bad that is event hero…

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She said season 1 4*

Lady W is a seasonal quest hero available once a year


What about blue 3*/2*/1* heroes? There’s no healer there either.
And vanilla legendary? On the opposite only yellows have one!

Longstory short, i understand you want to balance thing out but the game was made exactly to not be perfectly balanced for every color.

At the start there was even peculiar skills for each color that lately was mixed on the others (defence reducers blue, attack reducers green, fire DoT red, poison DoT purple and blind yellow).

So i don’t feel the requirement for the game to be balanced even further.

Expecially suddenly turning a hero that was purple from day one (which i think is pretty absurd).


What about richard and scarlett :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

I hate you :face_with_monocle:

You know what i mean!!


Just no. This is no problem, it’s an opinion. There is no ‘need’ for a yellow healer. What’s next? Make every color equal!?

I’m tempted to make an insensitive joke regarding current events, but I’ll resist.

That (not) said, I think a Chao costume might be the easiest fix for this (real or perceived) issue.




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