Petition: Change Rigard to Yellow

In my opinion there is just no need to change Rigards color.
The game is designed with heroes of the same element having skills that are somewhat similar. There are green revivers, red heroes tend to apply burn damage, yellow tends to blindness and so on…
Some might argue, if healing should be better for yellow/holy heroes. If so, Sabina needs to be yellow as well! Guess what complaint will arise in doing exactly this? Right, someone will argue that there is no purple healer… :crazy_face:

Hence, i don’t think that we need another yellow healer, as there already is at least one available.

My two cents… :slightly_smiling_face:


Then I also want every burning fire hero to stack;)

Azlar, Jf, GM, Marjanna, natalya.

Ah and sorry. Woolerton kicks aaaa…butts.
Combine her with poseidon if available. Both charge up exactly at the same time and the negative mana effect is blocked. Thats so cool.

I love every color having its own strength and weakness. I even like to see that brought deeper into the game (shame that vela is such a powerful DoT hero in blue, as almost the only blue with a dot anyways…)

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Hell, no !! Leave Rigard as it is. A lot of players have built their team with him in consideration.

If you want a 4 star holly healer, wait for Springvale 2021. Lady Woolerton is the only 4 star holy healer. Lady Woolerton is the only FAST healer. Lady Woolerton is the only healer that won’t gain mana after healing her allies, but can be remedied by having Poseidon or Gazelle. Her talent MAY also help nullify her mana ailment. Go get her NEXT YEAR. But leave Rigard alone.

EDIT: I darn forgot Gullinbursti, the new 4 star holy healer from Valhalla. I haven’t been summoning from the Valhalla gates for 2 months now and thus I don’t have the fat boar… yet. He can be obtained at the last weekend of the month. Thanks for the reminder, @rilian.


You’re not proposing a solution. Your idea is to move around the problem instead of finding a better solution.


Include Rumpelstiltskin and Valeria and costume Karil.

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huh? how does that not propose a solution? There needs to be at least one 4* healer in every color, purple has two and yellow has 0, voila, solution. Rigard should also be changed to a Paladin as well, if you read the other thread I outline how of the 10 classes there are 0 healers in some emblem challenge events

I never use Sabina, so lets change her to Holy instead. Better than Rigard :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, this is just your opinion then. I completely disagree in that point! Else, there should be a hero with counterattack in EVERY color, cleanser in EVERY color, mana blocker in EVERY color, mindless reposte in EVERY color…
See, where this is going? :crazy_face:


No not at all, healing is a staple support ability unlike the others listed. Healing and direct damage specials are the only universal abilities.

Are you against the idea of adding more healers instead? Or do you really believe in stripping one element for another to be the one and only way?

How about opening another thread where you suggest more season 1 heroes instead, including 4* yellow healers. Would even make the season 1 portal more relevant again.

And changing Rigard into a yellow hero is clearly not a popular suggestion here.


I would rather see them add some healing ability to an existing S1 holy hero than to have them change Rigard.

Please, no, do not change Rigard, please! :slight_smile:


Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the heroes in this game. And you have clearly stated yours.
However, my view is to leave Rigard alone rather than change colour mainly because there really is no need and if that was to happen everyone would be up in arms in the forum complaining and wanting compensation.
You would be far better asking SG to introduce a new yellow 4 star healer that is easy to get in the game. Or put a buff on an existing S1 yellow hero that introduces healing
Good luck


Who knows. Maybe chao or hu will get some healing with their costume.

Probably not. But there’s hope. Lol


As others have mentioned, Lady Woolerton is a fast 4* holy healer who will be available yearly. In addition, Gullinbursti (available every Valhalla summons) acts as a type of slow 4* healer. The piggy boosts health of all allies by 400. If it exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. Max temporary HP is 100% of max HP. Like a mini-yellow Heimdall without the revive chance or attack buff for allies. Although it does get it’s own attack buff for 3 turns and AoE damage after the effect ends in 3 turns.

I have both maxed and use them both. I know they aren’t as common as TC20 heroes like Rigs and Sabina, but they do address the issue of no holy 4* healers.

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  • Change Rigard to Yellow
  • Create a new 4* season 1 hero that is yellow
  • change Sabina to yellow
  • change Melendor to yellow
  • change Kashrek to yellow

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No, just go to Valhalla and summon Gullinbursti.

Gullinbursti says “hi”.


I’m using Gullinbursti in the current Rush Attack raid tournament. Lots of fun.

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What about the option where this whole discussion is irrelevant and belongs in one of the ridiculous threads or even possibly make this a “ridiculous” thread of it’s own lol

That would be my vote


Twenty times just this! :+1:


It’s not a terrible idea. Especially since there’s around zero chance SG will add to the season 1 heroes!

Personally I don’t mind that all the elements are slightly different, so I’m happy as it is.

But fair play for suggesting a plausible though radical change!

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