Petition: Change Rigard to Yellow

In response to my own thread
the solution is soooo easy. Changing Rigard to yellow/holy solves everything! It is way easier than introducing a new hero as that hero would not be in the same category as all season 1 heroes. It just makes sense to make the noble paladin yellow/holy to balance each color having a 4* healer.
in the other thread I noted the breakdown of 4* healers

and there are 2 green, 1 red, 1 blue, 2 purple and 0 yellow…so if you change the one purple to yellow then it solves everything!!!
The cleansing defensive Paladin really should be yellow, even his costume is more of a yellow hero.
Please @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri do this in the next update

What in the actual ■■■■



Weeeeeelllllll… Nope!
By the way, there is a holy healer. :thinking:


There is a terrible 4* healer. That springvale sheep

I wouldn’t change Rigard’s color though. Being purple is the least of his problems. He looks like a heavy knight with that armor and sword. He shouldn’t even be a healer. Same for Boldtusk :thinking:

I actually love ladyW. Maxed and emblemed. She works great with gazelle.

She heals for 40% which is just tad under the 42% of rigard, sabina and Melandor. I wouldn’t classify that as terrible. And her class actually helps her fight against her own special. :woman_shrugging:


Wow, never thought there are other opinions on sheep than she is ultimately awesome tier 1 4*

Rigard is fine as he is


I guess she’d work properly if I put 20 emblems on her or if I had Gazelle but… I don’t :man_shrugging:

I still like her design though. E&P needs more 4* heroes. Springvale was a fun event this year.

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Hmm… Yellow gains a healer, but then Purple loses a cleanser (and attack buffer - Rigard costume). Sorry, I’d rather have a new, more widely available Yellow healer than changing Rigard’s element.


It would be nice if costumes also changed elements, no? Yellow costumed Rigard. Purple Vivica…


I was lucky enough to get Lady Woolerton on an EHT (who is solid at +7 btw) and Sabina is the only S1 4* I don’t have.

So don’t mess with Rigard :angry:


Gullinbursti is also a yellow 4* healer and more obtainable than Lady Woolerton


@Rigs @TriNitro Why no? give a reason other than your used to Rigard being purple. Lady Woolerton is not easily available like a season 1 hero is, in fact no new heroes released can ever be, so the best solution would be to change the color of Rigard.

Change the color of sabina. Or add a cleanse to some other yellow

Leave rigard the hell alone

Yellow sucks, always has, always will, screwin up purple won’t fix that


Agreed. You want to play let’s pretend, go against Guardian Chameleon and have Rigard play yellow dress-up for a little.


riiight because the undead sorceress dispeller is sooo much more suitable for holy over dark than the noble cavalier knight/cleric protector…besides she cant be much different than Cyprian.
And its not about cleanse, its that there needs to be a staple 4* healer in each color

If this is your argument, I’d suggest making the argument of having Kashhrek be yellow instead. He’s a tank of a healer, even if he’s just himself and nearby allies, but he heals for 40-something-percent, and is a staple 4* for most people in earlier gameplay.

I can understand why you think Rigard could be a decent yellow, given the whole Knight-In-Shining-Armor thing, but not all Dark/Purple people have to be ‘evil’ and not all Holy/Yellow people have to be ‘good’.


sure not all, but in this case it makes complete sense.
Changing either Melendor or Kashrek would work and I would be cool with, but as stated Rigard would be more suitable.

To take something away from one element in order to add its use to the next one, a bit short-sighted way of thinking. I’d rather have them add more heroes to the season 1 portal than make any changes to the current ones or so before seeing something like this happening.


and that was my original complaint in the other thread, but this solution happens to solve it and I wanted to put it out there

In my opinion there is just no need to change Rigards color.
The game is designed with heroes of the same element having skills that are somewhat similar. There are green revivers, red heroes tend to apply burn damage, yellow tends to blindness and so on…
Some might argue, if healing should be better for yellow/holy heroes. If so, Sabina needs to be yellow as well! Guess what complaint will arise in doing exactly this? Right, someone will argue that there is no purple healer… :crazy_face:

Hence, i don’t think that we need another yellow healer, as there already is at least one available.

My two cents… :slightly_smiling_face:


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