Petition about costs hero league beta

This entirely depends on how busy your life is. I think its fine for people to be clear about what level of engagement they personally have time and will for, but maybe not to patronise someone else for thinking differently.

I managed all my attacks last week because I had a lot more time (annual leave from work). This week my schedule is full and I missed some attacks yesterday as a result.

If people want to complain about a Beta event, the forum is absolutely the place to do it, in my opinion.

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That’s pretty much the only time I play anymore when I’m sitting on the :toilet: dropping a deuce :laughing:

Pretty appropriate for the direction the game has taken.

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Right, so this is a petition to change the game because that guy is too busy to check in more often. Some people play more, and some play less. When i don’t have time to play more, i just don’t get to do it. A petition to change the game is a bit more excessive than just making more time to play the game if you want to play it.

Im going to be busy in December, should i start a petition to stop all the December events? No, everyone shouldn’t loose content because of my schedule, so why does this need to change?

I think the petition is more about the fact that this is a beta event that is making demands on players’ raid energy that is usually already pre-assigned elsewhere. it is not a regular event yet that players can plan around with the (hopefully) approriately-enhanced rewards.

Since my time and energy was limited I only did two attacks last week. The fact that this was a beta trial made it a much lower priority for me. And FWIW I do believe that it should not be tied to raid energy at all. If it continues to be, that will keep it a much lower priority for me.


The flasks/energy is the least of the issues with the league.

  1. The rewards are terrible, 6battles daily for a month for terrible rewards and a small chance at slightly less bad rewards if you make it in top 10k.

  2. Matchmaking sucks, my best team hits 5,504 and this isnt even a good team just highest power yet i have versed numerous 6.2k power teams…

  3. If it was just meant for the pay to play or the very best why on earth are so many level 20s with terrible teams doing better than me? They clearly arent taking on 6.2k teams and winning.

4.defense matters too much, even with some great heros im always an E grade. Go figure my team cant defend against much higher teams or the super rare and OP heros. Even if i win 4/6 the odd day but mostly 5/6 games on attack i still cant reach the top 10k because of my defense.

They need to make the rewards massively worth it and add rewards for lower placements or improve Matchmaking so i verse people’s my level and not the very top % heros which are used at the top of raids and top 10 alliances. I struggle and cant hold the final raid bracket because my roster isnt good/big enough to cover all the heros but they expect me to beat all 5* 2LB teams of the strongest and most rare heros while i still get excited about a good 4hero because my luck is so bad doing 40x pulls a time dont net me a single 5 hero let alone a fancy op event one.

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Worst event ever. I did only one flag and forget about this nonsense

This event interacts with other features of the game and forces you to drop PoV and PoG. Using raid energy which regenerates slow is a real deal breaker. Not to mention that loot is not guaranteed. I personally choose to play PoV and PoG and in the end get good rewards unlike random stuff.

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It’s not even a surprise that no one likes it and most have so much negative feedback.

There’s a reason it says beta over the event, they’re testing it out on the community instead of only beta players. they will not provide fantastic rewards and its own flags just yet. I doubt this will even stick just like Monster Island.
Players get upset the opponent is stronger than they are but if the opponent was weaker players will get upset that there isn’t more difficulty. SG thought ahead and gave the community tougher opponents and no one likes it.

SG if you’re reading this stop trying the majority dont like anything you do except me and some other players.
Fulfill most players wishes and end the game but just know that those same players won’t like that.

Opponents should get harder as it goes on or uave a better system to match. Versing teams 500-700 power above you is a little stupid and it was doing that since the first week.

Its also annoying to see lvl 20s have a good time and be in the top ranks on the leaderboard with a terrible team but they are clearly getting matched against easier teams and have easier teams attack their defense.

The event benefits those who pay loads for the most rare and OP heros or those who are so new and got lucky/pay and get matched with easy low level teams.

I just want better rewards or a bit better matching so i can enjoy it and actually be worth doing. I am versing heros used on top raid teams and top alliances while im only in diamond and cant constantly stay in the final raid tier… my best team hits 5504 but versed 6200+ as if its a surprise id lose…

I would agree that a generous gift to all who participated in the beta testing would be appropriate… but not to those that just quit in the first week.

Hah. How about the fact that those that quit is just as valuable feedback as those that stayed until the end?

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You go on thinking that. It’s cute.

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This is just another form of raiding. In which we’re all facing tougher opponents than us. Occasionally, we’d face opponents similar to power, but not likely.

The level 20 players I’m convinced are developers testing the game out with us. If they’re actual players, they’re smart to use a weak defense and may be why they may face weaker opponents which results them receiving top scores and higher rankings.

It wouldn’t make sense for them to put fantastic rewards and or its own flags. Why put so much effort into something you’re testing just like Monster Island? If it doesn’t work, they’ll just remove it.
It has always made me feel better when I face tougher opponents because when I win; it feels good when I lose that’s what was supposed to happen

Let me give you an example today I opened the game check the Watchtower and an incredibly powerful team beat me not a surprise there

but when they open the game they’ll see that an extremely weaker team beat them that’ll definitely be a surprise for them

enjoy the fireworks
i dont know how to post the video so this’ll do

Congrats on the win! And im aware you can beat stronger opponents as like i said previously in my own comment i can win 5/6 battles most days but its down to massive board luck when that happens.

And while your power is less youre still using some strong heros on your own team, some being very rare heros to obtain. My 5.5k team is the best power but not best attacking team.

Id like to separate it from raids, dont get me wrong i enjoy this more than monster Island but when its tied to rewards and theres no reroll id like the rewards to either be better and include people under 10k or better matchmaking to match you close and spread on later on.

As someone who uses mainly 4* and the odd lucky 5* i really shouldn’t be versing team in the 6.2k+ mark

thank you

if this becomes a permanent event im sure the rewards will be better.

5/6 wins is amazing. that 5400 team is my best team i use them on offense and defense. ive been lucky but not all the time.

don’t cut yourself short even a good 4* team can do well against a 5* team.

We can only hope that the rewards get better later on but if it doesnt it lets just enjoy it for what it is

I can hope! Its a nice event and actually makes me enjoy the raid format outside of war/tournaments. The fact the boosted family/classes change freshens it up so i do like it but its really depressing seeing defense never win a match and even doing well in my attacks against teams i shouldn’t win i wont get really any rewards.

And i agree there are some great 4* heros, sadly the ones in my team are classics heros (3costumes luckily) but still makes me rely on my 2 5* heros and if i dont get tiles for them its a 100% loss.

While this isnt the strongest team i have seen over all the weeks this team is insane compared to my 4* heros even if they are 2LB. Its not always so much the power but the super rare heros i cant get, i don’t own a taunt or fast health booster etc. To really help out

Well. we could discuss the fantastic rewards stuff :rofl: but on the own flags I would disagree!
They could do it for tournaments and towers so why not for the league? :face_with_monocle:

Ok so you don’t need glasses, just one eye is a little shaky wearing that monocle. When you tap on the league, it still states Beta, which I’m assuming it’s only being tested with the full community, not just beta players, while also observing the forum for gameplay feedback. If they decide the league is a good fit for the game and continue to move forward, I’m sure they’ll add its own token for the month-long event.

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Well, we got a thank you for participating, at least