Petition about costs hero league beta

Bro, i finished all of them every day and i haven’t used any flasks. I do 6 in the morning and 4 more that evening. That is the 10 daily attacks. Why do you need to do 1 atk every hour as they replenish? Just wait until they are all refilled while you do something else. I don’t like this beta either but it is because weird stuff keeps happening in fights. Season 1 characters are hitting harder than brand new characters ( i checked troops and they were comparable) and other strange things that don’t happen in regular raids.

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does it say to you Top 50% or it just writes the number of your ranking?

The board has been hugely against me in League… I m at 3000 all the time in Raids without even trying much but League seems really unfair up to now (the board mainly gives the only colors I leave out each time)

It says “Top 50%” next to my score.

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How? I have a ranking value there instead of %

I suspect when you’re in the top 25% you get a ranking value, but if you aren’t you get the percentage.


That’s probably the case. Or it could be platform-related. I’m on iOS.

That’s probably it. My score is much higher

I reached 23k points and decided to give up
Too many attacks per day and as a ftp i dont have lots of raid flasks
I may try more if the live version put better loot,because its worse than when you recycle the goblin baloon lol
Zynga or whoever runs this slot machine, has never ceased to amaze me how greedy they are :joy:


Loot should include food iron or give them out for each attack like normal raid.

I like league. I think it’s a great addition.

10 can be reduced to 6 maybe.

I just use 6 in the morning and 4 at night.

It doesnt help with pog since you cant reroll
Yes they should add food too
I think the best is to separate the league attacks from raid flags
I dont even get raided like before even if i lower my def …people are overwhelmed by the events and the raids/pov/pog/league/tourneys/wars
E&P became a full time job lol
Thank god i take weeks/months breaks sometimes

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This is a vacation compared to sitting in Onyxia’s Chamber night after night getting wiped by fire breath. That’s why I like this game, the time commitment is low imo.

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There’s nothing new this hero league, is boring ! Monster island was a different !!


10 attacks for this AND 6 attacks for daily raids (pov and pog) total 16…

They overlap, same as raid tournament.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to stuff like “bring 3 costumed heroes” or “win raids with mono red” when I’m facing 6K all fast speed defenses…

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Reroll… have rerolled once 31x bc i didn’t get any fighter in defense… lol and pog is the only event with healthy rewards. @byzanthia

Those are the ones I try to do before going to bed with whatever flags have regenerated since I finished the league.

Yes 16 attacks you have the option of doing. Do more, or do less, that is up to you. Don’t take away everyones ability to play because you don’t want to do it. It isn’t mandatory to do then all, if you want to show off, you have more to do, if you don’t, you don’t have to. Its not on Zenga to help you budget your time. The attacks are there if you want to do them, but if you don’t want to do them, then what are you complaining about? The game is giving you something to do, if you want you do it.

Also the daily raids aren’t mandatory either. Stop doing those until the league is over. You are complaining about things that you want to do. No one is making you do either of these things. Ill be on your side if they ever force you to do either of these things against your will. Ive done my attacks every day without using any refills, so it can be done very easily. You should just decide if it is worth it for you. If it isn’t, then do something else. I don’t do the raid tournaments because im not wasting resources leveling 3 and most 4* characters, and the rewards aren’t worth messing with for me. I just don’t do those, because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, for me. Just food for thought.

Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, turns out that the Pickup summon is designed to let you pick heroes that are buffed during the current hero league.