Petition about costs hero league beta

LOL so instead discourage 99% to please the top 1%. Isn’t there more than enough of that in the game already?

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Sure, that is a valid business justification for this type of event, and that’s fine. There are plenty of aspects to this game. I personally don’t like the format, but that’s just me. I hope the players enjoying the league continue to do so.

They really need to look at scoring too. Min/maxers are discovering that it’s better to stop attacking at some point and let the opposition kill you… rather than fight it out.

This proves that they knew exactly what the beta testers would have to sacrifice. These flasks and food boxes should be a reward for those who advance to the next stage.


I wanted to do this hero league but after I saw the rewards I boycotted it. It’s just not worth our time.

Also the scoring is just badly thought out. Make time matter instead of number of moves, so that if you get a slow board you won’t gain points from trying to prolong it to 9 minutes and make 80 moves in search of 4+ long combines. 20 moves in a 2 minute fight should give more points.

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You’re overthinking it. In a week you would have 6 days of 10 flags each, so 10 flasks/week, or a total of 40 flasks for the whole league. Otherwise you’re asking for more raid flags than what the league requires. So if you wanted to implement something like this, it would be if you qualify for the next round, you get 10 flasks for the beginning of the week.

That said, I don’t really find this to be a big deal, but then it’s probably because I raid to complete the chests and not to get resources or cups, or necessarily to complete PoG challenges (I don’t bother with mono, slow heroes, non-legendaries, extreme classes/costumes). So whether I use the 10 flags in the League or regular raids, it’s all the same to me. Oddly enough better because I really don’t care how well I do in the League given the low 75% threshold to get to the next week. Maybe for the last week it’ll matter, but then, my GAF factor isn’t that high.

I didn’t think much of getting hits on the league when I had enough time and flags before the next chest, but the food argument made me change my mind. The rewards are not good enough compared to just getting more food.

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This is it.
My alt account is all 3* and max team power is 3900 but i get the same scores on that facing 4000 teams that i getbon my main facing 5800 teams. And it seems easier getting kills on the 3900 teams.


I had the same issue. A really hard fought battle which went to time. I expected points for the enemies i had defeated, but no points at all.

It would have been better to have lost!

How can that be right?

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I’ve had at least two of those zeros.

Haven’t used a flask yet… haven’t missed an attack or a PoA daily. They’ve announced they are lowering the attacks per day. I’m gussing 8. 6 is too low to allow randomness not to take over.

why not just separate the flags from the normal raid flags like they do with the tournaments.

Problems from my perspective…

Energy flasks… probably easiest answer is create League Energy Flasks and provide enough per day.

Rewards… Yes they need to be better the amount of games and days for the reward isn’t enough. Either that or shorten the rounds, less games per day, less days per round.

Defense scoring… lot of people will have a E defense and get zero. The reward for an A is huge. Current defence points score is too high at top end. How about points based on win percentage. I think you should get half the points for defense as winning.

Quite like the game and idea, lot less time consuming than monster island and far more fun …

so people will buy flasks like the offer we just saw recently…

I’m thinking seven, seven is the perfect average number

I’m currently in the top 50% of the rankings, apparently 100% on the strength of my offense. If I’m reading the stats correctly, I have 0 points from my defense.

Which puzzles me because the stats also tell me I have actually won some matches with my “D rank” defense.

I believe the defense points aren’t added until the end of the round.

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League play is ok. The mana speed for defense is unfair. I had the same hero and the opposition mana filled in half the time. Got beat fairly fast.

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Did the team you were facing have a reviver that was still alive? Mine did and I wondered if the game had wrongly set the reviver’s skill to fire when I died. Though I should have still gotten some points.

Easy way to find out: everyone take a look and see if they’re ALSO zeroed.