Petition about costs hero league beta

There was a Mother Christmas on the other team with a full charge but it had passed her and was about to be my turn.

As it stands, HL is worth burning at least one flag. That at least qualifies you for the first participation loot tier. If everyone participating puts in minimal effort- using spare flags and burning no flasks- it means HL can’t be a reliable driver for increased flask sales and HL’s prize opportunity cost drops dramatically.

(Of course, it’s kind of a “prisoner’s dilemma” scenario, but a funny one.)


Whatever the cost, there is something absolutely strange going on with scoring. I am currently global rank 2500+ in raids, but am somehow ranked 52000 in the league. I can understand some differentiation between the scores, but an order of magnitude difference is simply not credible.

It seems like they are running a chess tournament where a 1600 player beating another 1600 player scores the same as a 2500 player beating a 2700 player. Without weighting for strength, it’s a joke.

I just changed my defense to a single 1* hero. Have fun. This is the worst feature that has been implemented in this game so far. Much worse than towers.


You are shooting to fast!
You should have waited at least to the end of the 1st week to see how it is developing.

Day three and my motivation is almost gone.

10 a day is too many. Especially given the PoG tasks today feature a few that are not going to get done with League wins (given my roster). Its too much raiding for too little rewards.

Getting this from opening a War Chest has done nothing to reinvigorate me…


Something should give. Either take the raids out of PoG, or give people in the tourney access to more energy. Raising the cap doesn’t help much. Most of us don’t sit at cap for hours and hours. Helps a little with sleeping. Need to raise the regen rate. 2x regen while you have tourney attacks would be fine… overkill really.

Other option is: turn raid flasks into two or one star rarity, that action will make it drop frequently

I would have been happy with this because I desperately need paladin emblems!
Different people different needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing better… if you want to do the beta test… there are the bottles to buy… thank you in advance for your participation


I don’t recall seeing anywhere that team strength was a factor in the scoring.

If 50 Paladin emblems is a fair reward for a chest that can take weeks to fill, I think you are setting your expectations too low.

I really couldnt give a toss what emblems they give. I assume I will find a use for them all eventually. The problem here is the lack of other decent items. 1 costume key, but I can pick up 3 or 4 a day from MV right now. No ascension materials of even 3*, never mind 4*. No ETTs or EHTs… its just awful to allow the rng to spit out such trash.


Did you notice the Raid flask bundle in the pop-ups in-game?

I think this is why it uses regular Raid flasks.

At one point, I had over 230 of those flasks. Basically worthless.

If they can’t get you on the sudden increase in Raid flask value, they can get you to log onto the game more often for longer periods of time.

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The team strength bonus seems to be calculated based on that lineup’s previous defensive performance against other attackers.

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It’s not. My point is that something is off in scoring where players in the top of the raid ladder are being outscored by 50000 other players. The only way this happens is if substantially weaker teams are scoring points at the same rate as the top teams.

There could be a purpose to this, which is to encourage non-top teams to play in the league, but that has a dismotivating effect at the top.

This frankly should be broken into separate leagues based on team strength or it should be a free for all with weak teams matched against strong teams based on seeding.

Yeah, I’m almost certain lesser players with less expensive rosters are winning at a higher rate than I am. Scoring more points because they’re going up against less gifted enemies.

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Reducing the cap for Round 2


lol cap’s not the problem. way to miss the mark again sg…

this is like if they did global beta titans and expected us to use our regular titan flags to kill the titans which would require us to burn flasks or ignore our own titans to test it and the reward for doing so is based on score and goes from a couple summons for top spots to 1 summon for bottom spots (something like that, i can’t remember the current rewards for hero league but i know it’s definitely not much in comparison to the resources players are losing daily everytime they burn a flag in league instead of regular raids)


Lol yeah it’s incredible

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Agreed, but the cap is a problem for me personally because its too much raiding. I cba doing 10 for this, some extras for PoG tasks i cant complete in League, and some more for a tournie. I havent bought back in to the tournie after getting knocked out this time, which I usually do.

Im aware that plenty of players love raiding, but I welcome a reduction. The event is already too long. Id have favoured shorter rounds and no more than 2 weeks for the whole thing. Plus better rewards than this placeholder crap.

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In terms of priority, this is always going to sit below pretty much everything else in the game :sweat_smile:

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