Peters or Buddy

Who Should I level up first? Tks!

Peter is good for Raids/War Buddy is great on Titans… Pick your side I guess?
Hopefully the vets can chime in. Thats just my rookie opinion :smiley:

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Depends some on what else you have. Buddy provides a lot of attack support in a durable green package; he’d be my first choice. Peters is a great striker+mana control, but Hansel has him beat.


Have Evelyn @ 3/70 and Caedmon @3/60… so probably Buddy first… Than in the future will have to consider Melendor @ 1/1… tks!

Peters and Caedmon are similar in a lot of circumstances—a solid green sniper. So, yes, I’d go with Buddy.

Very nice green stack.

Of the two, Buddy feels more like a hero you will use well into the future. A defense down that stacks with Evelyn’s elemental defense down so no need to bring off color to titan. His special does direct damage, summons a minion (protection with a sting) and cuts enemy attack to help you live longer. Buddy, isn’t the hardest tile hitter in the world but combines nicely and is more durable than most all 4* (calculated as 2x Def + Health = Durability).

On the other hand:
Cabin Boy will (probably) be demoted to bench duties if you draw Hansel. Hansel is amazing: fast mana, hurts when he hits and then does extra damage while cutting mana.

Hansel has hurt me in raids, Cabin Boy rarely does and is easier to ignore except when he silences my healer at a critical moment otherwise a non-issue, you don’t lose mana and can charge mana while silenced and the silence only lasts three turns on a single hero.

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So, if nothing new shows up in green, I will level up Buddy, Melendor (so I can have a green healer), than I will decide what next (Peters, Gadeirus, Skitteskull, Kashhrek or Little John)… Didn’t know that I had that many greens 4* rsrs… Thank you all for the insights!

+1 to the above advice. Buddy will be useful even when you have a billion 80s. I’m sad I didn’t get him, but alas budgets…

That is a very tough choice, both are great. But id go with Buddy. Only green that gives def debuff, his attack is low but he will go very well in a green stack

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