🏴‍☠ Peters – 4* Nature/Green from Pirates of Corellia

Caedmon is very handy, being fast dispel. Especially against a lot of blue tanks in wars.
Yes, given you have Hansel, I’d do him first.

Caedmon is a must-have in my opinion. Peters is probably a nice addition. I have both and use Caedmon with emblems frequently. Peters is only on third bench but I’ll probably find him useful in some situations when maxed.

Peters works well with additional mana reducers or mana cutters. He hits relatively hard and can prevent a fully charged enemy from going off for a few turns to take them out by another sniper. He’s sturdier than Hansel, but his special is weaker.

Sometimes he comes in handy, but I prefer a heavily talented Hansel. You can level him up, if you lack other green options.

Peters and Hansel work well together. Peters first and Hansel before Peters special will expire. If you manage to charge em before Telly, they probably will change tide for you in that battle.


I have him at +12 but he dies first usually so I have nothing to say it versus Hansel. He is bit better than Peter and he has better place in the team than peters

I’ve used all my cleric emblems on hansel. In the meantime i have nearly maxed mist. I dont use a green hero on defense as I prefer
BT and costumed rigard to kashrek and using all 3 of them seems daft. Hansel is a waste on defence too. My dilemma is that my tank is wu kong (risky I know) flanked by my healer buffers with two snipers on the wing. I would sooner have mist as tank but I am unsure as to whether I should replace the cleric emblems from hansel to mist? Dont want to waste my only reset emblem. Soon I intend to replace kashrek emblems with proteus!

Somewhat unrelated but as I float around low to mid diamond rarely dropping into gold over night. I cannot help but notice that many use their healers in the wing. This seems to make little sense to me. Am I missing a trick or is my lineup more efficient? I would say I find most people with around similar trophies tend to have a superior team power. I imagine I could comfortable best my own defense if I was able to attack myself though!

Without Hansel I would say he is a must have green 4*, often overlooked by most. I am leveling and embleming him on the defense/health path because I use him for the skill, not the damage.

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I just got peters now (along with zocc yesterday) I am looking forward to getting them levelled just need to finish Kingston, then get LotL to 3/70 (short 2 tonics) first but finally have the extra greens I needed.

Peters is a very solid hero, use him a lot in this tourney, together with Hansel. Those to disable the most threatening heros in defence and give me additional time to work with tiles. Still no Proteus for me, but you play with what you have. :wink:

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I have Hansel and next 5* is ZOCC.
Hansel almost finished ,is ZOCC worth to lvl up or Peters? Is he better than Hansel?

Last event I did 3 pulls and got both Vodnik and Boomer when Peters is literally my dream hero. Guess how I’m feeling.

I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him and I’m not playing much anymore. I would check out his thread and see what people are saying.

I just got him today from HA8. I have a maxed Hansel and Tettukh. Unfortunately I think I got him too late, and a second Tettukh would be better.

I’ll keep Peters for collection purpose. :wink:

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I am leveling mine currently and certainly have better mana controllers now. That being said you probably can never have enough mana controllers for some of these events. Especially single hero use or curse related events. Granted your roster is deeper than mine, so maybe not? :man_shrugging:

I just wish I would get Merlin or costume Sabina to have something to do this NOT in yellow or green :laughing:



I’m curious how you find Peters much better than Hansel. Would you care to elaborate?


Hi @SamMe ! Of course, let me explain. Besides I believe it’s just and only my personal taste.

  • Let’s take a look at their stats maxed (ATK/DEF/HP):
    image image Hansel: 699 / 601 / 1064
    imageimage Peters: 643 / 641 / 1113

Peters has +40 DEF points and +49 HP points compared to Hansel, that means more survival. My main problem with Hansel is: he dies too much. Peter can also evade because he’s a Rogue. In my tests, those two poins are my main arguments and basically what made me love Peters more than Hansel. +2 to Peters.

Hansel has an extra special skill line: “The caster gets +74% defense against Special Skills for 3 turns” which can sometimes help him to survive. +1 to Hansel.

I’m a LOT short on cleric emblems because my best heroes are clerics (C. Vivica, Motega, Ariel) so I have almost 3500 cleric emblems being used only in those 3. So, yeah… here comes another personal reason. I would love to strip emblems from Hansel and use on Mist - I actually plan to do that soon. About Rogue emblems, I have some to spare even I plan to use 1000 of them on 2nd Costume Marjana, so it’s not a problem to have them on Peters. +1 to Peters.

I don’t know how to explain why I like silencing enemies more than “auto damage and -50% mana reduction” - I know Hansel’s effect sounds better but I guess after using Miki so much I’ve mastered using silencing, while I lack the knowledge to make Hansel’s mana block more efficient.

So, Peter 3 x Hansel 1. But it’s 100% personal. Like I’ve said in the post you’ve quoted, I know Hansel’s value but I just like Peters more mainly because he can evade, his emblems aren’t being needed in somebody else and he has more health plus I can work better with silencing than mana block. In the end, I’ll probably be using them together.

Guess I’ve wrote too much after 2 coffees, but hope it helps.


They do the same, but Hansel makes it better. Both prevent using special skill for three turns, but after that enemy hit by Peters is usually fully loaded and fires right away, whereas enemy hit by Hansel have somewhere between 50-100% mana. Peters hits harder, but taking extra damage into consideration, it is comparable.
I was using Peters quite a lot, because was one of my first green 4* heroes, but after I got Hansel, Peter was repaced by him and now is stripped from emblems.


Thanks so much for your detailed response @anon60742279! I was considering maxing Hansel #2 that I got from the last Challenge Festival.

However, you make good points about Peters. I will add him to my levelling queue, and add some emblems. :+1:


What I would consider is are those stats emblemed stats?

You mentioned evade, but you only get that with emblems. The reason that changes it is most people go HP/D on Hansel which, I think, on the cleric tree has more HP/D options than rogue so he may get better than Peters. Also, it sounds like you may emblem Peters for attack, in which case Hansel would survive better.

Hansel can arguably be better in attack on enemies with a mana bar when his special is in effect. I am more familiar with Gretel, but with my troops on her and stuff her full mana damage was like 207 or something. Hansel will be similar, but slightly less. Even if it’s 190 or so, if he triggers that twice on top of initial impact that’s a good hit.

More just curious than trying to change an opinion. I think you’re the first person to openly have this preference. I got Peters so late and am short rogue emblems, so he doesn’t get used that much TBH if I don’t go out of my way to say “I’m using Peters”. Also, he isn’t sturdy in base form and without emblems he doesn’t evade.

I have had Gretel for a long time, identical effect to Hansel, and I am simply not used to the enemies not losing their mana once full. They sit there with it full and if I don’t kill them it just feels like I am delaying the inevitable. Which can be useful, but also more situational.

As a universal attack who also does mana stuff Peters certainly seems superior. On deeper rosters though neither of these heroes are coming for universal attack though.



Yep. Just my personal taste, the mana block is superior on paper but ends up annoying me in real game and I think it’s mostly because I just got used to Silence because of Miki.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: glad it helped somehow. I think both are nice but I have more emblems for one of them.

Those are base stats and I’ve went DEF path for both. Oh and I don’t really care about their damage, for me both does low damage anyway.

I see :slight_smile: Like I’ve said it’s probably just my personal taste + I’m short on cleric emblems + I have spare rogue emblems + Pet can survive more, at least in my gameplays. For me, both are good but I just ended up using Peters more.


Personally I feel that with the new aether powers he gets a lot better. With his weaker defence he would die a lot, and his revive would proc. Then he’s rogue as well, making him twice as annoying at times

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