Pet Project (2 spots free, for TP below 2800)

Hey-ho you active players!

Do you feel alone in a low activity alliance? :ghost:
Or do you feel overwhelmed among much stronger players? :muscle: :hatching_chick: :muscle:

Do you want to make an impact? :boom:

Weโ€™re great comrades :sunglasses:

  • kill titans :dragon:
  • win wars :crossed_swords:
  • learn :books: & improve :dart:
  • grow our armies :medal_military:
    and enjoy this game together :trophy:

Our gameplay is top league material, just adjusted to lower firepower. Weโ€™re serious about having fun here :wink:

If you canโ€™t wait to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with us - weโ€™re looking just for you! :crossed_swords:

Itโ€™s more fun in an active team, join us! :slight_smile:
Pet Project

PS 4-5 star titans, 4+ titan flags / day, TP below 2800, level 10-25

Talks and reservations here: Pet Project
PM Cordial Daemon

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Come, join us, if you dare! :wink:

@CheTranqui if youโ€™re still looking, we have one spot open, our focus is lower firepower player doing premium gameplay, you wonโ€™t find that even in some top 100 alliances :slight_smile:

discord, serious business in war, having fun, real life comes first :slight_smile:

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