Pet dragon should automatically kill ducks

A perk for the pet dragon should be it kills ducks automatically. Make it more useful than just clicking it and watching fire come out of its mouth that does nothing.

Ah, but then you would miss the thrill of the hunt. :grin:


I Like It, Ducks Should Also be Turned Into Food Upon Death Lol


I feel bad enough when I have to kill ducks as it is! Don’t make something AUTO-KILL them!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gaming!

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Those poor ducks, all they want to do is get in a row! They must be getting quite a persecution complex by now.

I like this idea a lot. I get so frustrated with those ducks, too many times I get 9/10 and the little pests only seem to ever do 1 flyby

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I like it. If I understand correctly, it will only kill the ducks if you tap it.


I play on a PC, the mouse pointer is great for sniping. Occasionally I murder them after a bad board because they are SG loyalist ducks.


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