Personal reasons

He apologizes to all for not responding to you …he will when he gets stronger and back to treatment house. Your prayers and donations to the go fund account is surely appreciated by him. He is such a helpful and giving friend. We all are his main family and support during this difficult challenge in his life to remain alive and well. Through his pain and suffering he still makes us smile and laugh and appreciate the good in life.


Just a reminder for anyone who’d like to join in donating:


Thanks for the update @Bzzinator. If you speak with him again, please make sure that @Jedon does not worry about replying to all of us, but continues to concentrate on getting well again. We all look forward to his return when he is ready.


@Jedon, are you ok?
Hoped to read today that the surgery went fine…:fearful:


@Sorsha Scroll up a few posts. He’s out of surgery and resting well.


Thank you so much @NPNKY, I was really concerned…:grin:


Right on guys with all the support and positive prayers! I truly believe that’ll help make things better for Jedon!


Personal updates:
Dear friends and family:
Glad to announce that the surgery went well. Appendix has been removed.
I am now in ER room for some hours more to complete the underwatch sheft. Then will be back to resume the experment treat of tumor.
I was aiming to post this update when I am there cause 9f the warning from the nurses of taking away the phone if I used it in time I should be rested following doctors order. But I couldn’t hold it cause I know many are worried about me. I tried TBH to post earlier but I was so dizzy due to total anesthesia and the pain of the stitches in surgery place. So I went to @Bzzinator my alliance leader and asked her to post for me cause I was sneaking the phone under the bed blanket (like a teenager who look in a forbeden magazin and so afriad of getten busted ROFL) and I appreciate her post for me here hours ago.
I am greatful and I appreciate all the great support om spiritual economic sides that you kindfully do for me till now, you are all great bless from Mighty God.
God bless you all, my respect and my love to every one of you.
Thank you word is never enough to give you all what I really feel for every single one of you.


Great news, @Jedon! Keep on fighting, we’re all with you!


So happy to hear good updates, and you made me laugh with your sneaky sheet phone posting! :slight_smile:


Seriously, @Jedon! I’m so happy to hear this good news from you and @Bzzinator! You were on my mind all day yesterday! I really hope you get better! Be safe!

And to copy you,
I :heart: E&P and @Jedon


This is the best news! And through it all, you are still making us laugh with the phone sneak! :grin:

Rest and keep fighting and getting stronger!

You got this!



I wish you a full recovery and I pray for you to not need again further surgeries…
I think one is enough and even too much.


:laughing: I think @Petri is working with Doctors and nurses to keep me away from using phone by cancelling AW!
Ok!! I get it dude! :rofl:


Mate, you are such a legend.

There’s a guy I met on line
Jedon is his name
He never seems to lose his mind
Even when in pain

And when things start to get adverse
He hides his phone from the nurse
And laughs his way through every curse

And Jedon is his name

We wish you all the very best
Through every op and every test
You bring out the very best

And Jedon is your name


Thank you dear @JonahTheBard
This makes me smile … entering joy to my soul!
Calling me a legend is some thing so cheerful! (I am legend!)
Just hope that my room’s door wont be open by a zombie from that movie :laughing:
From Alexandria-Egypt I was your reporter from under the blanket.


You cracked me up with the sheet-phone hiding, made me relieved that the appendectomy was a success! Thank you for thinking of us in the midst of your ordeal, letting us know your progress. We can’t wait for you to be healed, well, and back with us (you know, more often) :grin:



Jedon, I only just saw this now. I wish you all the best luck through this and you will be foremost in my thoughts for a full and complete recovery. The world needs more of you and your incredible optimistic spirit here for many many years to come.



+5 bonus points to anyone who can name that old time gospel song.


Initially ignored this thread because I didn’t know what it was and I saw so many posts I thought, “I’ll never get through them all.”

Finally clicked, and I’m sorry for not clicking sooner!

Best of luck in your coming trials, Jedon!

And let me please add, very cool the way this community has come together for one of its members. Some really great people here! I mean, you know, for a bunch of nerdy gamers, and all.



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