Personal reasons

Praying for you, Jedon! Stay strong and positive.

Last year I had two family members diagnosed with stage 4 renal and stage 3 breast cancer. One is on remission and the other is very close to recovery.

With medical technology/advancements nowadays, cancer isn’t what it used to be! Have faith, there’s hope!

-Ron M


@Jedon :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I will be very angry if you dont come back to people who care for you!!! :rage:


:sunflower: :white_flower::sunflower::rainbow::heart:

No words. Praying fervently. SO GRATEFUL the doctors figured out the source of your pain!!! :pray:


Hey everyone!

On behalf of @Jedon @Razor and @Rigs, we would like to thank you all who’ve donated a whopping $635!! You guys and gals rock!

Every donation, no matter how big or small, is truly appreciated and shows just how much of an awesome community you all are!

Again, thank you :heart:


Hey Guys, even for a small percentage you would have paid for gems for your next hero pull please consider investing in a real hero. A few $£€ each and this community can help out one of the most positive guys in the game.

Thanks @MrsBCW and @Razor for setting up the go fund me page. Let’s keep the link front and center for everyone to see.


@Jedon I know how much you love Chuck Norris, so I hope this gives you a laugh and may you fight this like the mighty CN!

Please excuse my really poor photoshop skills.

If you to like this, or it has given you a laugh and you haven’t already done so, please consider donating to the link in my post above.

And if you can’t afford it then please consider sending out your thoughts and prayers to our friend and and co player.

Every little helps!


First time I’ve every agreed with Rigs :wink: Every little bit helps!


Personal update:
I sold the laptop and got part of surgery cost and already have book a room and a doctor to do the surgery of removing my damaged appendix.
I will be doing it tomorrow and will be underwatch in ER for next 24 hours.
If it went good I will resuem the expermental treat, how ever with personal sickness history of the high blood presuer and high blood gloucose there is a risk that I may die during the surgery it self, doctors were honest but I have no other chance (I already sold my dear laptop any way lol) So be it!
If I didn’t open in 1 week then I allow @Bzzinator my alliance leader to announce that I died.
Please pray for me.
Love you all and repspect your prayers thoughts and all donations your doing for me. In next few hours I will be in hands of might Lord. Hope to see you again.


@Jedon I’m liking your post for the progress on funding and preparations for your surgery and resuming treatment afterwards. I don’t like the parts about risks, but I know those come with any surgery.

And I’m impressed by your strength and resolve through all of this.

Thanks for the update, and we’ll all be thinking of you and hoping for good news after tomorrow’s surgery! :heart:


Prayers that the Almighty, by whatever name you know him, keep watch over you and guide the hands and minds of your treatment team, @Jedon


All the best wishes and thoughts for you @Jedon. Let us know if we can help in any way.


@Jedon we are with you brother! My thoughts and prayers are with you :heart:


Jedon, I read your posts a lot and value your insights even if I don’t reply a lot. I pray that God guide the doctors in your treattment as well as wrap his comforting arms around you as you go through this storm.


Our friend @Jedon, no amount of words those of us who are sitting here in relative good health can compare to what you are going through, having to endure painful treatments, having to part ways with your personal belongings to afford a risky appendicectomy on top of your experimental cancer treatment.

But hope what little we can do to help can provide some relief for the financial burden that has befallen upon you and your family.

Every time you post an update with your cheerful trademark “Jedonism” is a sign of relief from all of us who are praying for your well-being and healthy recovery. Stay strong, Fight hard! Don’t give up and return back to the community stronger than ever.

Caedmon and I will look to see you Puzzle responsibly in no time.


@Jedon…I trust you are resting well, and look forward to hearing from you after this surgery. Then you can get on with your treatments, which as you mentioned before, are showing good results already.

You are a strong person, in many ways…just know there are so many people that are pulling for you and sending every good thought your way.


F… that health system, where it is necessary to be rich to get cured. If you just work to keep yourself alive and you become ill, you’ll be rejected due to a lack of money. That’s beyond my imagination. Sounds a bit antisocial to me. Far better to spend a certain percentage of your salary and then have the same opportunities as those, who inherited luck or assets.

Anyway all the best for you and you’ll have to kindly come back or I’ll lose my believe in universal justice. Nobody earns to suffer just because of a lack of financial mediums.

Cmon, get over it soon :poop: :hugs:



I pray you made it through surgery successfully and that you are now recovering from the appendectomy.

We’re waiting to hear from you when you are fullly recovered.

Mrs B & the E&P Community :heart::heart:


Jedon surgery went well everyone and he is resting now. He would love to reply to all on status but nurses may take his phone away.


Fantastic news!!! Thanks for the update, @Bzzinator. :hugs:


Thank you so much for letting us know…he has been on many people’s minds today I am sure!



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