Personal reasons

Thank you my friends, its always great to see and feel your wishes and love. I am sorry that I don’t contrebuite much on forum but I feel that I am getting slowed as effect of the experment drug they are injecting me with the radiation treatment. moves and remembring are a bit difficult and going to be worse. I can’t complain its only one chance for guy like me, could die with turom with out this experment any way. Hope they eill fix me. Thanks @Joyful818 for the Joke and thanks @zephyr1 you know my best jokes in the world … I hope to chuck norris this turom too :slight_smile:
Its great to be with you guys.


Thanks for keeping in touch. Stay strong!




All prayers for you and wish you a prompt recovery


I’m a hopeless optimist, so i’m sure all will go for the best.
I want to believe it.

See you soon, we will wait for you.


Praying for you. This is a experience that seems extremely unfair but you will come out the other side so much stronger and grateful. Theres walking proof all around you.


Cant post private info like emails and phone numbers i guess


A Spongebob wisdom says: Cancer eat herbs, but sadly herbs don’t eat cancer. :wink:

Go Jedon, feel hugged and stay strong…


Personal update:
Day before yesterday;
Got so much pain that needed asap doctor check, who admit its my appendix, and it must be removed.
Now I need to make an appendix removal surgery which holding back my radiation treatment as doctor said. I am managing few people to help me selling my laptop to get enough money to make this surgery, It will be an easy surgery as I hope, And this will be in 2 days if I am lucky enough.
If not then appendix will kill me before cancer does.
About experment treatment it was going slowly but with improvment as doctors said but its holded back now because of stoping of radiation cources that caused me my issue.
Asap I got this part removed I will (If still alive ofc) go on with treatment for tumor.
Love you all, wanted to let ya know that I appreciat all what you are doing for me, want to thank every one who praied for me, every one who wished me spped recovery and every one who donated to the gofundme that @Razor made for me.
8f you didn’t hear from me for more than week then I couldn’t remove the appendix and by then I am dead. So as for now I say again I love you guys, and I must say hope to see you again or else its my goodbye.
Amr Olwan.


I hit “like” but really dislike…this is so unfair Jedon :frowning:.

Please know that my thoughts, prayers and spirit are with you :heart:

I do hope to hear from you :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Dude, I hope you meant this to be funny - it is the most tragically funny statement I’ve ever read.

You’re an amazing guy, keep fighting.


@Jedon thank you for updating us. You’re in my prayers. Keep strong and hope to have you back soon!


Brother! Chin up, we foresaw this potential and have your back. Medical issues always come with more issues unfortunately (more so than not). Your medical fund will assist in not DELAYING that which is necessary. I will work with @MrsBCW had joined as a admin of the fund setup for you so either She or I will follow through to get you money in EGYPT from it. A fair collection has been established from your friends right here in the E&P forum and potentially the Titan Mafia Users Group…


Be strong man

Thank you for the update even if it’s not what any of us want to hear

Just know that people are here to help in anyway they can, and idk anyone that is turning a blind eye or deaf ear to your situation

You’ve earned a lot of love in this community, i have faith we’ll pull ya through financially, you’ll pull yourself through physically/mentally, and this whole fiasco will be behind you one day

I look forward to your full return and the jokes and the humor. Idk what else i can do to help other than make a donation and let ya know that I think about your situation a lot and i think we all do at some point in the day, anything else i can do beyond that, just let me know


@Jedon, I’m so sorry to hear that, my prayers are with you… :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thinking of you. :heart_decoration:


Be strong, mate!

Best wishes from Brazil!


@Jedon Thanks for the update, and of course I’m sorry to hear about the appendix issue on top of everything else.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and I and everyone else are pulling for you.

I’m glad to hear the experimental treatment was making some progress, and I’m hopeful your surgery will go smoothly so you can resume treatment shortly. If there’s anything we can do to help (other than adding some jokes and support), please ask. :heart:

We’re all with you in spirit, my friend, and we’ll be here for you for all that is to come.

I wish I could fly to Egypt myself to help remove your appendix, but I’m pretty sure that would do more harm than good. They don’t teach that in moderator school. :face_with_monocle:

Much love, and I hope to hear some good news soon.

And for everyone else, if it’s in your means to do so, please consider contributing to covering medical expenses — I’m sure every bit will be both appreciated and helpful.

=> Donate here:


Even dontations as small as 5 bucks help and donations can be made anonymously


Sending you positive vibes; will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! :pray:t3::heart:


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