Personal reasons

here is a painkiller which is allowed during detox…hope it works :rofl:


Hey in all seriousness I wish u the best and will absolutely keep u and urs in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve unfortunately had to deal with cancer in my family far too many times. I’ll leave u on this note of encouragement though. There were many times when as a family we were preparing and then the turnaround happened. It can b beaten and from someone who’s mother did research in the field of oncology I can tell u the treatments r getting better and better. Also keep ur chin up! U know there r many here pulling for u. Godspeed towards that day when u kick it in the ■■■ and ur back with us! I can tell u I will b sending all the positive vibes I can ur way from the Delaware Valley in the US.


My dear Friend @Jedon I was unaware of such struggles with you and am very heart-broken to say the least. You are as fine a human being as there could be! You will be sorely missed in daily/weekly conversations and contributions. I will attempt to keep in touch with you outside the game and if you are not opposed provide personal contact information to those very close that may not have it (I will talk to you about that first). May the spirit of the universe hear our combined call and direct its healing energy to you and this treatment you are a test subject of.

Warmest regards from your loving Friend,



This coming from you has very much moved me. Meet @Razor guys he is the most kind and loving person on Earth.
He knew one day about my struggles so he made that prize on his site and asked me to join it. Then he gave me a reward! He helped me back in the days to live another age!
I didn’t have time to thank you before my best friend. But as I may not ve there for long, greatful to have this window to thank you for being my friend and for being the man you are.
Having friends like you guys is the best thing I had in my life.
And if I pass away now, I will be a happy man that I have you by my side.
Thanks for being there for me.
And thanks @Razor for your great humanity and kindness.


That was probably the best examples of friendship within a community between 2 friends that I have winesssd in some time. The response by @Razor and urs back @Jedon. I won’t give that a like beacuse its entirely too inadequate to describe that ‘back-and-forth’. Please stay positive though. We haven’t communicated much, but I will tell u with the thoughts and prayers u have from the countless people here as well in ur direct life, that I wouldnt b surprised at all that we have u back in no time. That and the fact that modern medicine is making leaps and strides every day. God bless sir and honestly that was an amazing couple of paragraphs to read. :pray:


Dear Jedon,
I wish you and your family all the best.
God bless you.


Dear Jedon,

I have read many of your posts here, and I must say you are the glue that binds, the words that have meaning.
Your 9 star dark titan will be defeated by the holy that wishes you well.
Godspeed titan slayer…


@Jedon I just wanted to say hi, and let you know I’ve been thinking about you this weekend. I hope you’ve had some moments of comfort amidst the detox pain and uncertainties, and your ever-present enthusiasm and positivity can still find their moments to shine through. Keep up the good titan fight, and we’ll all be standing by with extra flasks to help. :heart:


Dear Jedon,

Still praying, dear one. Think about beauty, find something to laugh about, keep drinking more water, know that we care. Blessings and healing, peace and comfort…
:sunflower: :white_flower: : bouquet:


@Jedon You get better man and know me and the allies are all praying for a safe and speedy recovery. take care of yourself brother.



Been a few days now since i read the original post
Wanted to reply as soon as i read it but frankly for the first time probably ever, i was at a loss for words. So took a few days and tried to put together a well thought out message, but as most know, that’s not my style.

Have always wrote off the top of my head, figure this thread shouldn’t be any different. So here i am.

You’re the most positive person I’ve ever come across. No matter what issues have arose with the game, you’ve always found the silver lining. No matter who has disrespected you, you’ve always let it roll off your back. I expect this trial to be no different.

You’ve given me and others a lot of laughs and a lot of smiles, i hope we can do the same to you during these hard times.

I have 100% faith and belief that you’ll make it through this. Judging by the replies of others, you will be on their mind and my mind daily.

You need anything, feel free to get a hold of me here or through @Razor

Will talk to you more later, hope each day is better than the previous day and look forward to the day that you are healthy and well again


Unabhängig von den Spiel, hoffe ich, dass Du bald wieder gesund wirst. Gesundheit ist neben Freunden und Familie das Wichtigste im Leben.

Ich hoffe, dass ich bald etwas Positives von Dir hören kann


Cia yo… :muscle::wink: @Jedon


Hello Friends. I’ve not used Go Fund Me before however have organized one to assist a friend in need. Should you be able to assist in a financial way that would be very appreciated otherwise your support and comments are much appreciated just as well. Thank you.


That link is a way to contribute. I’m in. Thanks @Razor. I was actually going to ask about that in a day or so when folks had enough time to just tryband even process this. I’ll check it out now.


Hello I am a player of this ace game, yet I haven’t crossed paths, I had to reply to your message. I believe modern medicine has helped so many people, but I also believe there is a cure within the earth for all ailments. I really hope you’ll take a look at a book called ‘How not to die’, by Michael Greger MD, he has done years of research on what food can prevent and even reverse disease. Laugh as much as possible and be strong x


Welcome to our community @Jenile - I will be taking note of this book and it’s author for myself as well others. I will be sure that Jedon does get a copy of it as well, that he may be aware of it’s good remedies. Thank you for the recommendation! Raz


Jedon, meus sinceros votos de melhoras, que você possa obter sucesso no seu tratamento, que a graça de Deus nunca lhe falte e sempre lhe acompanhe.

Com o coração cheio de carinho e estimas de melhoras, FênixJJS da Aliança Renascidos do Fogo :dois corações:


Dear @zephyr1
I can’t say how high spiritual feelings I have now reading all your wishes to me annd the good luck words.
To see how much love you guys have for me, to see that not just my friends and close ones are there fir me but the Staff too.
@Petri I want to thank all your crew and your self for being so supportive.
@Rook and all MOD crew you are great friends and I am honored to have you guys on my side.
To all the new friends in our community who come to wish me luck and best wishes just for reading few posts that got their likes I say Lord bless all of you, your words moved me.
@Rigs and @Bzzinator your words are bless. You know who you are to me. A great brother and sistet who keep hugging me through my painful trip vs this dam* tumor, I will do my best to live, rest in Gods hands.
@DoctorStrange I never thought you exactly will ever wish me luck or recovery wishes, but for your kindness and good heart I pray you stay safe of every bad thing in this words.
@Razor I am speachless. You leave me no words in heart to say. I am speaking with tears falling and floding on my screen. You never let go of me brother, but you also don’t gave to do that, you have your life and own issues and others who are supporting me on this fund page. You guys are so kind and this love is much much much more than I ever may ask for or even dream of having in an entire life!
I wish you all great life and hwalth for all and every year of your kindful lives.
I am out from detox starting to take tge experment new cemical treatment and had 2 times of radiation cources.
Its a long way, and I don’t understand almost every thing happening to me nor beung told by doctors cause I never thought I’d be in this place or even deal with!
I can promiss you one thing. I will fight as long as I can. And I will keep reading yoour great supportive words every time pain reappers ask me to let go.
I hope Lord will accept my prayers when I ask for you all best life, health and achivements of all your goals.
Thanks for being there for me.
Love you all.
Amr Olwan.


@Jedon Great to hear you’re through detox and moving onto treatment! I’m happy you’re keeping up your spirits and staying strong in your fight. I look forward to continuing to hear from you along the way when you’re up for it. :heart:


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