Personal reasons

Oh no! I know you’re already doing so much, but is there any way to hide my name??


If you’re logged into GoFundMe and go to My Donations > Manage, then you can make your donation anonymous with this option:


Thank you! I’ll try to do that. I appreciate your help.


I’m too dumb for this. I’ve tried many times. I’m afraid if I keep trying, they’ll hold the funds, which my bank may do until Monday, anyway. I wish I’d found this thread sooner :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m sure you’re not dumb, it’s probably just a confusing interface. :slightly_smiling_face:

It might show up differently if you don’t have a login, I’m not sure.

For me, I see this menu:

And then I see this option:

And then I see this:

And that’s where I found the option that seems to be for making the donation info private:

I’m not sure if that might show up differently for you, though.


Oh no, lol. It does! I logged in through Facebook and it keeps asking for my password and when I try to reset, it doesn’t take. Thank you so much. It’s showing up on the page. That’s all I care about. Not my name, the donation. I just don’t want people knowing who I am IRL. I will keep trying.


I don’t use Facebook as my GoFundMe login, so maybe that’s related. :confused:

The Support article on their website seems to just have the same instructions, so I’m not sure. :thinking:


You are super awesome to take the time to help me!

I don’t know what else to say. There’s so much in this world that is ugly, like what Jedon is experiencing, but even small acts of kindness like yours to me right now, make it a bit brighter.

PS I was right the first time. I’m dumb :woozy_face:


Not dumb at all. It’s a learning experience and probably helped someone else that was experiencing the same issues. Thank you so much.


Yeah, the UI programmer was the dumb one :laughing:
I already made my anonymous donation but I’ll see what else I can do.


Thank you so much @nevarmaor


Do I detect sarcasm? lol I finally got it, after two hours. Technology is not my strong suit… Not that anything else really is, either… panicking, maybe? Pretty good at that, I suppose. If you couldn’t tell :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no sarcasm at all @GhostMel. Your persistence in giving is very much appreciated


No sarcasm intended against you @GhostMel .

I find in most computer-related situations, if there is confusion or user error, in most cases it IS because of a poorly-thought-out UI experience, which is down to the programming and development side.

And perhaps my response was an excellent example of a poorly-thought-out experience as it can be a bit confusing with the :rofl: thrown in there.


Edit: And well done on persevering through it all and succeeding. Many would have just given up.


Oh no! I’m sorry. I’m a sarcastic person myself, so of course that’s how I read it. My apologies!

Now I’ll vent, though I’m sure it was still user error on my part. Sounds like you’re familiar with how interfaces work. Maybe a developer a or just more knowledgeable then me-- I don’t understand how I could simultaneously link my Facebook account enough to donate but also, not be “signed in enough” to hide my name…it was bizzare. Or I’m getting old. Or both.

I was certain I had clicked that option when I first donated, so I thought the site and I were square. I had to wait for that particular donation to appear on my profile/list before I could hide it using Zephyr’s screenshots as a guide.

It was worth it, though. In the end, it all worked out, and it was otherwise super easy🙂


Today I been in a confusing situation, The mail man came with a gift from SGG!!
Some kind of T-Shirt, I was so happy untill!
He told me there is fee on it !
484 pounds!
Shock moment. Then sadness. I couldn’t receive it, too much money that I don’t have, and if I have would be better to see doctor or buy medics.
I am sorry that my country doesn’t support citizens any more.
I am grateful to SGG for the gift, very generous from you guys @Petri @KiraSG . And sorry that I couldn’t take it. Wish situation was else so I could have it and post selfie with it.
Happiness and sadness are mixing inside me.
I just love you guys thanks for every thing your doing for me.


That’s about $30/£25

I guess that’s the import duty?

Will they hold it for a while?


Thanks guys for this donations. It’s so much to do for me in few hours!
God bless you all, keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you have belief @General_Confusion @Bzzinator @Joyful818 @Saphirra @JonahTheBard @_John_Doe @zephyr1 @Olmor @nevarmaor @GhostMel
And every one … thanks for the strong non stopping support. Grateful for good.


I dunno I told the mail man I cant pay for it. He looked at me as if I am a joke. Took it with him and left.


Man, that seems so mean and unfair.

Great of SG to send a good will gesture and then horrible for red tape to spoil it.


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