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How are you doin?


@Jedon just wanted to let you know that I’m sending good thoughts your way and hoping you’re well. We miss you around here, my friend.



Just a quick note to say hi and hope all is well with you.


@Jedon Hey it’s been about 2 weeks (not meaning to rush you to post).

I just like seeing your positive messages and gratitude you display (even when I’m lurking ). Hope recovery is going well and some of your mates here are eager to hear from you , don’t keep them waiting too long :blush:


@Julue2q enough already. He got your ID the first time. Quit spamming the thread


@Jedon , we all looking forward to hear something from you…are you alright??? I am worried :worried::worried::worried:


@Jedon still praying. Peace and healing…resources and support…hope and comfort. :heart: :bouquet:



Anyone heard from @Jedon in game or via email?

It’s been almost three weeks…

@Jedon, if you’re still reading but unable to reply, we love you man.


nope :worried: :worried: :worried:

edit: his profile says: “Seen 1 day”.

Hey @Jedon
Your e&pFamily misses you!
Hope you are ok…



I haven’t heard anything since the last time i spoke with him in forum


He’s not at the university anymore. From what he posted earlier he’s working for a friend on website development.

@Jedon buddy, you’re still in my thoughts daily. Keep fighting the good fight.


Hey Jedon, I hope you check in here once in awhile to at least read these. We’re all still pulling for you and hoping things are ok…then again you probably would have posted if they were. Take care my friend, I hope whatever’s going on it’s not too bad and you just can’t use your phone right now. We all love you bud, let us know something when you can please.


Dear Jedon,

I hope someone is reading to you all the love we are sending your way. I keep running across your kind, helpful, funny posts as I play this game and I miss you a lot. I am still praying for you and your friends and family. Strength, courage, hope, peace and love…

:bouquet: :sunflower: :rainbow: :sun_behind_large_cloud: :house_with_garden:


I’m relatively new and never got to know @Jedon , but it’s amazing to see the outpouring from the community for him.

You guys are awesome.

And for what it’s worth, I’ll be sending healing vibes your way too


I was rather struck by that myself @SerPabby, but, although I didn’t get a chance to get to know him b4 all this either, as you read through old threads and whatnot you get a sense of the type of selfless, innocent, caring person he is and I couldn’t help but feel empathy for him and what he’s dealing with now. It truly is heartwarming to see the outpouring of compassion for a guy most of us only know through his posts on this forum. It just goes to show what a great person he is, as well as the character of so many of our fellow forum members. I’m not really big into social media but from the experience I do have, I’ve never seen people come together and support someone the way folks here have. Kinda revives my hope for humanity. :blush::blush::blush::heart::heart::rainbow:


Just checking in @Jedon. The lurker in the shadows. Hope your doing better, and that your faith continues to strengthen in the Lord. May you have peace of mind, and peace of body. Your here for a reason @Jedon, so tak ed hope in that.


Has anyone heard anything from @Jedon?


No…tried looking at Facebook and Twitter… couldn’t find anything but a couple of ancient posts and pictures.


His forum profile has been updated with a ‘remember me’ @zephyr1, is there a timestamp on the edit?


I don’t think there’s any way for us to see the time stamp on profile edits, but Discourse says he was last online on the 24th, and his last post was on the 7th.

I’m not sure if @Bzzinator has heard anything.


Jedon was on today and got to number 68 global. He also contacted me on line and asked me to post the follow for him…he can’t remember his SG login. This is exactly as he typed it:

Well I wasn’t going to say that but I decided to stop taking any cancer treatments or painkillers. Its higher than I can have.

Then things went some great and then some very very bad.

Good news are that I recovered my right arm and hand. Leg not yet not fully.

Then things went badly in past days got heart failure and went to friend of dad’s clinic he made check ups on me and finde me in very dangerous shape I became a human ballone, he found that I have coronary arteries have 55% blockage, has diabetes- very advanced, Cholesterol very advanced, haemoglobin 5.5% no mention of the cancer cause I told him I ain’t gonna look for medical care for it. In this moment my Mother who was with me she thought I am gonna die, she never saw me with many wires stuck to my body, she took a photo of me she said: “I have no photos of you on my phone, wanted some thing for you alive” told me that when I asked her why?

The doctor commanded me to follow his directions on those fellas of desise and to use the medics he wrote in.

Plus the pain of cancer I got hemorrhoids but didn’t notice in time. Maybe cause I can’t offer my self a treatment and being as eastern man sort of shy to let some one look at my butt ! Who knows what he may do! Pffff Scared to think about. Lol

Life tools me to prayers and trainings of Batolian to avoid pain, was reading your posts till I had to sell my old phone to get cash to buy medics that doctor recommened to use. All history of internet and saved sites was on it. I thought I can get em by gmail but never had to know how to recover internet history to new phone, and so I lost forum login info and no way to talk to SGG to recover my account. But I was reading every thing as a guest.

But then some thing amazing happened to me in just past week, I slept that day and woke up with less pain of tumor same way before I knew I had it was great feeling and I couldn’t even share cause the no forum login issue.

Happy told guys in AC and joined my first AW in a very long time, Rogues never gave up me, Asked about me every day, Bzzinator even was calling me internationally or via Line. General Confusion and Jaws1breaker both cared enough to chat with me God bless em all.

I felt alive again and then life has turned her face on me. The hemorrhoids became my new nightmare its painful so awful, start bleeding and killing me Thursday, luckily I managed to get a doctor by Sunday, it’s long time in an awful pain but can’t look or hope for better cause I am workless atm. But I just hope the doctor (won’t be ■■■■) and only treatment my butt medically by Sunday.

That’s my update guys.

It’s late, some of you may thought I passed away already like @Razor or @SGG staff. But I am still alive for another day.

Sorry for the bad news and the sad ones but you are my family and you have right to know.

I love you all my dear brothers and sisters.

Praying for you and hoping all of you are very well.

Hoping that SG may recover my forum account on my gmail maybe or get info from @General_Confusion or Bzzinator.

Have a great lives and wonderful days.

Yours Jedon


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