Personal reasons

Dear JB brother,
Pain is just in body, my soul is stronger than it. And writing back to you here is one great thing to fight back the cooking from inside, I don’t know why would Chef Ramzy wanted to shoot an episod of Hell Kitchens inside my stomack!
About that greetings on your banner,
You like it in to be in Arabic or in English?


Arabic please, if that’s ok. Do you have to change all the settings on your keyboard.

If it’s any bother, then please don’t worry


I missed you alot my sister!
Hope your gaving best life in world.
You big eye stary gryph young bird :smile:


الاحترام فن بالتأكيد، وإتقانه مجالنا.
نتمنى لكم حربا ممتعة
Respect is an art for sure, and showing it perfectly is our field.
We wish you a joyble AW


Your a 5* legend, my friend :grin:


@Jedon sorry to hear about the body temp and muscle spasms, but it’s great to hear from you, and I’m glad you’re enjoying some time on the Forum. :slight_smile:


And I am glad to see the respectful way of yours to correct my wrong words.
Love ya so much brother zephyr :heart:
Appreciate your kindful so much.



I have been staring at this blank post of mine for 15 minutes now and I realize I don’t have the words to express what I’m feeling for you. But I will try.

Through your posts on this forum, you have touched the hearts of many. Including me. I know very little about you, but what I do know is enough for you to have garnered my respect and admiration. In how you carry yourself. In the respect you show for everyone you reply to. In the love you show to everyone you deal with here.

I am disheartened that your treatment did not work for you and also at your misfortune regarding your job at University. I am praying for you. May the kind words and prayers from myself and others in this community bring you the strength and healing to overcome these trials.


That is so funny! Laughter is an excellent medicine.


My Azlar only got raw meat, but maybe Chief Boldie will cook for him sometime in the future. Could be that Azlar burnt his Aifes to Coal(en)… :wink:


It was good to see you over in the game @Jedon. And it’s nice to hear from u. As always. Prayers flying at you from all over the world, and from the Usa roo. Feel better @Jedon


Praying, dear brother :pray: :bouquet:.


Your message worked, @Jedon

It inspired the Guardians to new heights of bravery and brought fear to our enemies!

We swept the field, and I got a very attractive pair of fine gloves :open_hands:

The Guardians of Reborn asked me to pass on their thanks, brother.


Glad always to help when ever I can.
Enjoy the winning bro.
Now give them this:
احترام الخصم بعد الانتصار فن، نحن نقدم احترامنا لكم يا أبطال
شكرا كانت حربا ممتعة.
Respecting opponent after AW winning is an art, We are giving our respect to you Champions. Thanks it was good war.


Hey @Jedon, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. Hope things are going ok. :heart:


@Jedon I am still praying and I am still confident that as long as you are on this earth, you have a purpose. Dear Jedon, even when you’re not able to be online, you pull us all together as we yearn for healing for you. You are a light, Jedon, even when you are in the dark and fighting. We are out here fanning the flame of life & healing with our hopes & prayers. Praying for wise doctors, weak tumor cells, and all the physical, emotional, spiritual, & financial resources you need. Wishing you good boards with a team stacked with holy heroes. :bouquet:



My apologies for my absence in posting, however you’ve never been far from my thoughts.

Such wonderful news on your monkship (unsure if this is a word, but I shall make it one :grimacing:), that is truly a blessing and testament to your spiritual strength!

I hope all is well as you read this and that your pain has lessened :heart:

I thought I’d share a few photos I’ve taken over the years ~ the areas are located in the top of the North Island of New Zealand:

Cape Reinga:

Whangarei Falls:

Kaipara Harbour, Dargaville:

My favourite view, from our beef farm:

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of New Zealand. Sending my thoughts and prayers to a wonderful brother :kissing_heart::heart:


Are you there @Jedon ???

Just have to think about you and want to leave a :sun_with_face: for you to make you smile…


So sorry to hear about what you are going through, and my prayers are with you, I’ve met some awesome friends playing this awesome game. And it’s amazing how talking to people you’ve been communicating with can really be a beacon of joy and a funnel full of continuing prayers. God be with you and yours. @Jedon


Thinking about you this morning, my friend. As I watch the waves roll in and crash on the rocks, cleansing them of the night’s debris, I pray that your faith will similarly cleanse you of pain, frustration and despair, and fill you with renewed hope.


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