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Hey bud, I know that’s very disheartening but who knows, maybe that experimental stuff they were giving you was part of why you’re not getting better. Now that it’s out of you, perhaps more traditional treatments, combined with your faith will allow you to begin to fight back. I know they were trying to help but all that stuff is poison and weakens you so lets hope it’s a good thing you’re not taking it anymore. People have “miraculously” cured themselves all around the world through faith and meditation alone so try to view this as an opportunity rather than a setback. You’ve got the love and support of more people than I really even know man, take heart in that. Sorry this is so long, K I’ll shut up now, lol. Thank you for keeping us up to date… take care my friend.


Please send me the email back



Something to cheer you as you fight.

Holding you in prayer and hope.


This was actually made for him, petitioned on behalf of by @Sorsha.

just giving credit, where credit is due, i keep none for myself


Hi Jedon!

Looks like you have a lot of support here from the Community :slight_smile:

I wish you the very best for the future and sincerely hope that you get through this tough time with as little troubles as can be possible.

Never hesitate to reach out to this awesome community should you ever need an ear!

Take care, mate. All the best!


At a loss for words, can only say keep fighting and the Community is here for you. #JedonRocks :muscle:


Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


Thank you, and thanks to @Sorsha
I did not know who made it. I was just thinking of Jaedon.


I know. Just wanted to letvyou know


@Saphirra made it. Amazing!!!

Praying every cell in your body except the cancer cells have the strength of Chuck Norris!! :muscle: Praying the cancer cells are tired little weaklings that just say “Oh forget the whole thing” & self-destruct peacefully :weary:. Praying we all have faith as strong as Chuck Norris… Or at least as strong as @PapaHeavy 's mama… because God is even stronger than Chuck Norris. Really. :muscle: :pray: :pray: :pray: :heart: :bouquet:


Hey Jedon,

Your presence has greatly affected this Community and we are here as shoulders to lean on when you need it. I’m sending you lots of Finnish sisu to help you with everything that you’ll need to face now and in the future. :muscle:


Thank you guys for all the great support you are giving me.
I am blessed to have you by my side.
Personal updates:
A friend of me offerd me a website support job, payment will help me living and can save every 5 to 6 months a chemo cource. Good start I hope I can make it :smiley:
Got a visit by my friends in monkship and my mentor came too and they blessed me, and they gifted me new phone yesterday, to help me in the online new job. Am happy :smiley: No more apps to delete to update E&P :stuck_out_tongue: but I noticed when I open in new device #player has changed not sure if its normal.
I am promissed to reach next level in my Batolian path, mentor told me that. And this is great gift from God cames to me by your prayers and thoughts so I thank you alot.
I work for only 6 hours a day now from dad’s house which is good cause I can do more praying, meditations and be more active on forum and game.
Guys I owe you my life, you are a God gift to me and I am praying for all of you daily to be safe, healthy and happy.
@PapaHeavy Your mother’s prayers are cures please honor her and spen all the time you can with her, make her happy and get all the prayers you can take. The pure souls of mothers are gifts.
@Joyful818 @Sorsha @Saphirra @Mojo1@Azure Thanks for your touchy support I am moved by the kindness of yours :heart::heart: .
@KiraSG and SG staff Thank you guys for showing up and wishing me recovery, I feel blessing cause of it andeans alot to me.
I won’t be able to thank this great family on community enough ever for every thing. But I only offer my honest heart to be yours all till my last breath in my life.
Hope you are having best lives.
Have great days all of you.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!


@Jedon, you have given me much. Your struggle has taught me much too. I think you gave me more than i could possibly return. And i am glad that we will see you more. For you have a good heart, and a strong faith. And i want to thank you for it, but i also thank God for saving you, and making it easier to get to know you. Blessing upon you, and prayers be with you


Been missing reading your updates…saw the one where you went to your Dad’s. Cancer is a horrible thing, it drains emotions, resources and life right out of one. You seem to have that part handled! Keep your eyes up and knees down. The Lord never sends us more then we can bear but its still ok to ask Why? So glad you got the online job! Every little bit helps! Thank you for keeping us updated on your journey! HUGS and Prayers!

PS You have captured the E&P Community and we re praying for your Recovery!


It’s great to hear from you @Jedon, your path seems to be revealed. I wish you luck.
I will certainly take your advice. My mother is amazing. She has raised 9 children along with numerous grandchildren. Her prayers have great power from all I’ve encountered. Hope to see you soon!


@Jedon, it is wonderful to hear from you and find out that things are looking up a little. I have been blessed to get to know you a little on the forum here, and I will continue to offer my prayers for your peace and healing. Remember, whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.


@Jedon, WOW!!! All I can say is that if you wrote a book about your journey so far, it would be a powerful testimony to the work of God through the love of other people. Maybe you should start writing it. It could pay some bills, seriously. I have learned that our stories encourage others even if we’re not at the very end. It’s what we do between our birth date & the day we die that matters. “Gratefully ever after” is more realistic than “happily ever after” - and something we can all work toward. I would definitely read your book. :popcorn: :tea: :eyeglasses: :open_book:

Still praying for strength, courage & healing :heart:


Hey Big J,

How’s things? Sounds like there’s been some positive moves in your situation, which is really encouraging.

I hope you enjoy being back at work, most of us feel miserable when we can’t be productive and feel like a burden. Just don’t overdo it!

I’m hoping to visit the castle at Tintagel today, legendary home of the also legendary King Arthur. Send me some Egyptian sunshine and I’ll post a picture!


Good morning JB
Its 8 am now and its good day for Egyptian sun to wippe Egyptian heads with 40°C/31°C :smiley:


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