Personal reasons

@Jedon, my husband was in the hospital on & off for 3 months before he passed away after a nine-month illness. I remember the battle weariness that sets in after so long. One thing that changed my life profoundly was looking out the window at the vastness of the sky. We were on the second floor of a four story building, and there was a little ladder from the roof that must have gone up & over to another area, but from where I sat looked like it just went up to the sky. I would stare out at the bright blue sky and think of how infinite God is. I put my infinite worries and grief into that immense space and somehow the pain that I thought would make make me burst diffused into the infinity. I put my emptiness and loneliness and fear out there and felt a sense that the One who could handle my sorrows could also fill me up with good things. That’s when I really found joy…pondering all the good things that fill my life even in the middle of so much pain. My 22 year-old son with autism has that same joy, and people are puzzled by it because we’ve been through so much. Pain, grief, gratitude and joy are not mutually exclusive; rather, I think each one sharpens the other.

Early in my husband’s illness, someone told him not to waste his illness. Suffering is a holy time, and people are always watching. @Jedon, your love and encouragement to the community on the middle of your suffering is very meaningful t those of us you have touched. Your humor & strength is inspiring and amazing.

I continue to pray to that God whom I experience as infinite love and comfort. We don’t know where He will lead us on our journey, but even when we are alone, He will never leave us or forsake us.

I hope my words don’t offend anyone. I know after such a long time suffering, I needed people to speak big thoughts to me. Much love & peace & healing to you, Jedon. :bouquet: :sunflower: :bouquet: :heart: :pray:


I just looked at the list of topics, and so happy to see you getting back into what you do best…help, teach, and encourage others!

This made my day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Missing you BigBro! :confused:


I am moved, thanks for sharing this with me dear Joy.
Sister I am blessed having you in my side. God bless your soul.


I am trying to do what makes me alive, which is being part of you my lady.
I am happy being your friend and I thank you for every thing your doing for me sister.


I miss you too bro!
Miss daring you on M.V thread and miss your lucky blessed rewards :smile:


Personal update:
Experiment Failed. The new chemo drug become toxic to my blood and doctors said they can not keep giving me it, so they refused to keep me as a subject in the experiment.
Spent last days getting blood clear from any blood print of their new drug and today I am sent to Dad’s house.
I will be turned to another cancer care center of usual treatment as much as I can handel and will leave thinking in the future to God.
As for me I will be looking for any job make accept a half disabled guy like me to pay for the treatment as my previous job in university is gone, got fired cause they stoped believing I can make it in some time and just let go of me. Not complaning life has its ways. And Lord has his wisdom and wont let go of me.
I will try be here as much I can, but till my living become more stedy I dunno how to manage it yet.
Sorry to share this bad news but I consider you all as family and you have the right to know every thing.
I hope you all are having great lives.
Wish you best of all.


So sorry to hear of your struggles. We are all sending out powerful, positive energy to you. Please stay in touch.


That sounds so difficult Jedon, I can’t imagine how disappointing that could be.

We look forward to your every contribution and will do our best to support you in whatever small ways we can, with positive messages from around the globe.

Keep going, Jedon, you are not beaten.


Much love, jedon. Through thick and thin, the Lord is always with you, and if he is with you, who can stand against? There’s hiccups and pain, but God is with you. Vaya con Dios, my friend.


I am sorry to hear that after going through all of that, you are having to start over. But when one door closes, another one opens…

I hope you still have my email, if you need anything please let me know!

I am always in awe of your strength and faith, you inspire me to try to be a better person!



I was perusing the forums today and @Jedon came to mind. Although I haven’t been here as near as long as most of the members it occurred to me how much I miss your advice. I also felt the need to thank you for advice (not necessarily directed at me) that saved me A LOT of wasted time and pain.
Hope you are back full time soon, as I’m sure I’ll have questions that I would like your opinion on :wink:

P.S yes I’m a very selfish person :joy:
Hope things are going well and here is to a speedy comeback!!

I also want to add, the closest person I know to a Saint is my Mother. Her prayers have worked wonders (wether coincidental or not). She raised 9 of us, of which I am the oldest. I asked her to say a few prayers for you. So she is now specifically going to church on Wednesday’s to pray (she is a very special woman, I wish I was more like her)


@Jedon I am praising God who is infinite in wisdom that:
You are no longer taking chemicals toxic to your blood
You are strong enough to post today
@PapaHeavy’s mama will pray for you Wednesdays
God is in control

Praying for:
Continued healing & strength :muscle:
Good time with your Dad :heart:
Income :money_with_wings:

@Jedon the Lord has not left you through this whole ordeal…through the chemical burns, the wrong drug being given, loss of function…He is faithful.

Strength & Courage, Hope & Blessings, Rest & Refreshing !!!

:bouquet: :bird:. :lion:


@Jedon I continue hoping and even praying (my generally agnostic nature doesn’t deny prayer) to give you strength to endure and recover. @PapaHeavy your mother sounds like a selfless, beautiful soul. Much like Jedon. Treasure her.


Thanks @nevarmaor, she’s a much better person than I will ever be.


Many of us can say that about our mothers.


If one door was closed, several others will open…

Whatever will happen, stay positive.


In the time been away I have thought much about u @Jedon and others who, right before I had my time away, were also dealing with struggles. I will say to u what I tell myself every day.
Anything and everything is possible if u believe it so.
I truly believe the best will come about for u and until I stop getting out of bed in the morning I won’t change that way of thought. God bless and I will b thinking of u.


Keep hope alive man. When one wall appears, turn the other way. Keep strong.


@Jedon I am so sorry to hear that the treatment failed and you lost your job.
All my hope and strength I can send is on the way to Egypt!
Hold you head high and never lose faith!


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