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Hi @Jedon, howdyo do? :cowboy_hat_face:

Are you able to play momentarily?

There’s Farholme, a trial, a tournament and a war right now.

Hope you’re doing well.

Was just thinking about you and wanted to send some of my best wishes…


Thanks for posting but I only hit titans this days.
I am a bit sick …vesion is foggy when trying to focus on tiles moving or some thing requires strong attention.
I had first class burns in my left arm cause I touched windows metal yesterday … I don’t feel my arm yet and it doesn’t hurt … but nurse afriad of being infected doctor said if infection went bad may cut off. We don’t want that so this is more time away from doing game with treat time left me less time to do any thing.
@Olmor I thank you for your kindly informing me and I thank @Bzzinator for doing same like that on Wattsup app chating me daily or when ever she could.
Love ya guys.


Big J, always good to hear from you.

Burned by a window?! Man, that is unfortunate. Hope it’s all dressed and comfortable, you have enough to worry about.

So glad to hear that our amazing forum compatriots are keeping your spirits up.

When you’re better I expect to see a video of you cartwheeling out the hospital doors.

Thoughts and prayers with you daily, brother.

J the B


@Jedon take care! You need a spotter! Stay safe, prayers continue!


Chemo is powerful :cloud_with_lightning:. May it zap your tumor and ignore the rest of your body!!! We continue to pray and send you as much strength as we can muster!!! :umbrella: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :eyeglasses: :heart: :vulcan_salute: :bouquet:


Stay strong buddy.

And wrap yourself up in bubble wrap. Sheesh


All the best for you Jedon!!!
The universe sent love and pray to you.


Hey @Jedon, just thinking about you. Most people I know that have gone through similar treatments say they have good days and bad days, I hope you’re getting more good than bad. How’s your arm doing? I’m also hoping that vision problem is just sometimes and gets better in between those treatments they’re giving you. Well that’s it, just saying :wave: and sending you best wishes bud. I know you can’t always be on your phone but I gotta say, it’s always really great to see you check in and give us updates on how things are going for you! Take care my friend, and happy Titan hunting!


This time I’m here by mistake and wish you’re in good condition. :face_with_thermometer:

Hope you’re doing well and don’t have much pain.

How are you momentarily?


Hey @Jedon, just thinking about you and hoping you’re doing better. I really hope the chemo works its magic quickly, so you’re back on your feet again soon.


Big J,

In my thoughts today.

Any news?

Hopefully no more accidents!

I heard a radio documentary about cancer treatment in Gaza which was a timely reminder that care is different and challenging all over the world.

I’ve authorized a Ranvir summons for you under the Bardic Privilege Act of 2018, just waiting for SG to ratify the decision.


Hello @Jedon! I think about you often, and hope this day finds you well, and every day forward is a better one.

I know you are busy with your treatment and therapy, and looking forward to hearing from you when you are able.



@Jedon, just wanted to say g’day. Hope things are going well for you. You have always been a respectful, shining light in this forum and I can’t imagine what you are going through. This thread I have tried to stay out of as even though I don’t know you, have never spoken directly to you (but have read a lot of your posts) it brings me to tears hearing of your struggle. The outreach of this forum is amazing and I would be at a loss to try and find anyone more deserving of the emotion, love and humility found here than yourself.

I wish you all the best and may the support of everyone here, and the skill of your doctors, see you through this trial and bring you back to full health. I thank you, for showing me the kind of person I aspire to be.


Still praying, Jedon!!! Easy to remember joke for the day:. A man walked into a bar. “Ouch!” he said. “That hurt!”:bouquet: :heart:


An Update

@Bzzinator, who is @Jedon’s alliance leader, let me know that @Jedon is having a hard time right now, and is very sick.

I’m told that it’s currently difficult to eat, and that using his phone is causing headaches and blurry vision. Treatments aren’t going well.

A Request

We all know that @Jedon is an indomitable spirit, someone who has touched so many people in our community, and that so many of us care deeply about.

I don’t know how frequently he’ll be able to check these messages, and he may be unable to respond.

But I think this is a good time to share some encouragement, and remind @Jedon how much we care about him.


For @Jedon

I want you to know that I think about you every day, and that even halfway across the world and in moments without your presence on the Forum, you continue to inspire me with your warmth and strength.

I know that you’re struggling with the pain, confusion, and hardship right now. I wish we could just fix it all somehow, and let you get back to your normal life from before.

You are facing a tremendous challenge, and it’s ok that you can’t always be your usual happy and upbeat self through this.

None of us think any less of you when you have moments of emptiness. We’re here to remind you how much we care about you, how much we are holding you in our thoughts, and how much your courage in this battle you’re facing inspires us.

You’ve supported us all so much, and we all just wish we could do as much for you.

Please take to heart whatever support you can get from our words and thoughts.

All of our love as always :heart:


@Jedon I think about you every day , your spirit and courage has been an inspiration to me and I know many others!

It’s ok to be tired, and need a break while you are fighting this awful disease…just know that we are sending love and prayers that things will turn around for you.

Please let us know if there is anything you need if you are able. The group I belong to is willing to help if we can.



Dear @Jedon,

I don’t want to make you read a lot, and @zephyr1 & @LadyAnesthesia made me cry with their posts, so just “AMEN!!!” to what they said. You are loved by our community and you are loved by God. There is nowhere you can be that He is not. I pray that you will feel Him very close to you even in your suffering, and that our prayers will strengthen you and connect us. Rest!!! Heal!!!

You are not alone. Blessings dear Jedon.
:bouquet: :sunflower: :heart: :sunflower:



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