Personal reasons

Have sent you an email


@Jedon @MrsBCW I’ll message you here too.


Thanks … I also deleted my not well with rules post.
Thanks for fast respond


Thanks brother … great help from you always. Was a agreat add to the community having you in MOD crew my respect brother.


Hey @Jedon :blush:

I know it’s been awhile, and I haven’t been too active on this forum for a bit, but I just came across this post and felt the need to comment. Man, I really hope you’re doing alright.

First off, I am so sorry for what you’re going through right now. For someone as sweet and kind as you, it honestly breaks my heart. I just hope that your positive attitude and great sense of humor helps power you through this difficult time. Imagine how much stronger you will be, once you make it through this, on the other side!

I believe in you, and believe you can handle this. If for some reason you’d like some more support, even though I see tons of people have already offered just that, just know that I am here for you bud. I’ve got Line, Facebook, email, etc. so if you ever just wanna talk, we can figure something out. (If you do have Facebook, my account link is up on my profile page here; send me a request and I’ll accept)

I’m sorry I’m so late with replying here though; I’ve been dealing with some complicated RL issues as well. I’m just happy reading that it seems like you’re handling everything so well, and still have that positive spirit. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, and please, keep updating us all on your condition! I have faith you’ll pull through this, but just for all of our own peace of mind, I’d love to hear it all from you first :sweat_smile:

Keep thinking positive thoughts and using this community to your advantage; all of us here only want the best for you. I don’t know a single person here that wouldn’t want to help in anyway that they can; we all care for you so much, and appreciate your presence here, more than can even be expressed. Just know that, and remember that, even when things seem darker or harder than usual. You will always have us :kissing_heart:

Good luck Jedon :blue_heart:

Know that I am here for you if you ever wanna take me up on that offer. Take care, and keep on fighting. You’ve got this; I know it. :heart:


Давай друг лечись и скорейшего тебе выздоровления


Translation via Google Translate:

“Come on friend get well and get you soon”


А как еще можно я только начал внекать в форум такчто если чтото нетак извени


Translation, via Google Translate:

And how else can I just started to join the forum so if something is not so sorry


Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, I don’t speak Russian. So my ability to help is very limited. The language of the forum is mainly English. Foreign language posts are allowed in the #foreign-languages section. If you write in other places on the forum, you will need to translate your messages to English.


Добро пожаловать в сообщество! К сожалению, я не говорю по-русски. Поэтому моя способность помогать очень ограничена. Язык форума в основном английский. Посты на иностранных языках разрешены в разделе #foreign-languages. Если вы пишете в других местах на форуме, вам нужно будет перевести свои сообщения на английский.


Personal update:
Ok I just got what was left on me for the hospital by a transfare done by @Razor and already paid them and back to experiment house to resume my cure with a clear mimd on swlf healing plus what the cources do to cure me of this tumor.
I want to thank every one has donated to my fund page.
Great thanks to Razor and @MrsBCW and @LadyAnesthesia for covering me well and great thanks to every one. You guys have saved my life so far with spiritual and donations.
Love you all.


Great news @Jedon! I am glad you don’t have that stress of worrying about finances on your mind, and you can focus on getting better.

I am so thankful, to everyone that gave, not just money, but good thoughts and prayers for you!

Thank you for keeping us updated, I look forward to continued good news of progress in your treatment and recovery.



This is the most dreadful and most inspirational thread on the forum.

Jedon, you’re a marvel.

And the rest of you, keep up the good work.


My friend @Jb you are calling me Marvel and @zephyr1 called me Legend!
The real diamonds here are all of you not me. You are the ones who give with out waiting for returns. You are the life legends and all the seas treasurs.
You have gave me another life.
The care and love I see here is way more important than medical cure! Doctors said that.
Aftet I was asking them about options to sell one kideny of mine to cover the expinces of that left on me for the surgery, and the dark cloud fly over my head and the worried days of being escorted to jail for a non coverd cheq I gave to hospital of surgery as a guarntee. All that have replaced with happeness today. And doctors was worried that sadness and long days with no sleep can effect the stats of the progress … this all is now gone. They are happy that I have friends like you … and the head doctore of the experiment crew said to me; " My faith in humanity has been restored by your friends.
So thank you all. For every thing


You are most welcome :heart_eyes:

I’m pleased that we (the E & P community) were able to help lessen the financial burden and provide positivity from across the globe!

Thank you for the updates, now may you rest on the path to recovery :heart:


Ok. Just trying to offer some help to the guy


I really appreciate your generousity offering to send me tea to cure my turom. What @Rigs was up to is not posting your personal informations aa phone number.
He was trying to help both of us by doing a clearfy things.
Thanks @Julue2q I email you already.



Rosa Sepulveda


I dont get your email. Offer still on.

Rosa Sepulveda


I email the adress you’ve post in your previous posts.
If you didn’t get it, then you maybe typed it wrong.
Was asking if this is natural tea and wont go wrong with my treatment (I gotta ask my doctors) if they confirmed I would love to have some.
Even If I don’t know this could happen to send some thing to other country!
I appreciate your offer and I thank you sister @Julue2q


Googke kalanchoe. I will send that to you. I will pay for that.

Rosa Sepulveda


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