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so good to hear from you @Jedon, i almost jumped for joy when i saw you’d posted, and after reading your post i wanted to dance like a maniac. :slight_smile:

Aye, you ain’t alone in that. :slight_smile:

@DoctorStrange, i know you was looking for an update on Jedon, and here it is. :slight_smile:

i think this is really cool since i love to read books. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, its thanksgiving where i live hearing @Jedon is doing well made my day. Stay strong my friend, very glad to see this


This is undoubtedly a special thanksgiving blessing. I for one am so very thankful to hear how well you @Jedon are doing in the monastery. Take very good care of yourself.


@Jedon I know you may not receive this message for many days but it will be waiting for you when you come visit again.

Today has been a wonderful day with family and friends. Our US Thanksgiving is a time to remember and give thanks to God for the blessings He has given us in this great country. The ability to have opportunities to enrich our lives. To worship (or not) without persecution. To speak freely of our beliefs, both personal and religious.

Above all these was reading your post :blush: I am so happy to hear that you are doing well, being productive in your monastery and are taking this opportunity to enrich your life with learning. I was happy for the reminder that, while those in the US are celebrating our blessings, God is continually bestowing blessings on others around the world.

Keep safe, check in as you can and remember you have your online family wishing you well and praying for your recovery.


Dearest @Jedon writing through tears your post made me so happy.

I pray that the Lord will continue to reveal Himself to you, and that you will know how deep and high and wide and long His love is for you. While your life sounds blissful, I know the closer we get to God, the more complicated life becomes and the spiritual battle can be strong. I will pray that you have His peace and protection so you can use your time well. Blessings as you learn so many new things & bless others!!!

Since we don’t know when you will be able to check in again, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Peace, joy & love to you, your family, and the monastery!!!


Thanks guys, all this happy and kindful posts made my day.
I am still out from monastery, so I still can have wifi in my hosting family’s house.
Waiting for parents arrival in 1 or 2 hours from now.
Read em all. Loved em all. Peace to you all and your families.
Please kiss the Turkey peacefully and tell it Uncle Jedon will never eat you :joy:
Happy Thanks given to you all my dearest online family♡




Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here, I none the less will be celebrating and giving thanks for what I am sure will be a life well lived @Jedon. Like many others I wish you peace in your new life and feel honoured that you continue pray for us. You are our beacon of hope and positivity and we should all think of your example more often.


I think you have taught us way more than we could teach you about humility.

Your journey has been an amazing testament of faith, courage, and tremendous resiliency battling tremendous odds that certainly did not favor you.

I am so glad you are finding peace where you are at.
I am glad that you get to farm and once again work with your hands.

It wasn’t long ago that your hands had pins in them so this progress is amazing.

You have inspired all of us more than You could ever know!

I wish you all the best for your life day by day. May your load be light, and may peace find You wherever You may go!
You deserve it !!!


Standing by monastery gate reading this all and smiling.
Best day ever … got a family visit and many nice wishes from online family too.
I think this make my parents my offline family :joy:
Can’t be more satisfied :heart:


:joy: you cracked me up with this.


Hey @Jedon Yessss, Soooo happy with your progress, your strength, and your sharing. Thank You again, for giving me more strength, it’s always hard to complain when you know or see someone else enduring. Please continue to share and be an example to us all.
May you continue to receive blessings, and may your pain lighten ever more.




Been awhile, sorry about that

Glad to hear things are lookin up and you’ve found your happy place. That’s very nice to read, happy for you man and hope life keeps lookin up

Anyways interested in seein an update as soon as you have one

Thanks for all the time you’ve contributed to this forum and the people involved in it, you’re all around the best person in this community hands down

All the best,


Happy Holidays to all!
I just got a message from Jedon the other day as he wished me a Merry Christmas. I wanted to let you all know he does not have phone access at the monastery as his phone is kept in holy father office and its forbidden.

He is only allowed to use it on the day of his monthly visit with his parents. So he sent me a quick message and thought I’d share as you all must be wondering as I have been.

He is doing fine…praying, guiding, busy farming and working in the library there.

Sadly he has informed me he will leave a letter at the holy father office in case he dies. The cancer tumor is not healing and still eating at him slowly.

He is at peace finally he said. Wished Rogues and all peace and happiness.



Thanks for the updates, @Bzzinator

I am thrilled to hear that @Jedon was in contact, although I wish there were some better news about the cancer — but I’m happy he’s feeling at peace.

Please pass along our love as always if you connect with him again while he’s visiting his parents. :heart:


A letter? that sounds very ominous. I only knew him a bit, but he was very kind to me. Thank you for sharing @Bzzinator.


Thanks for the update @Bzzinator. I never had the opportunity to get to know @Jedon like many of you, but feel fortunate to have read the inspiring words he has written here. Strength. Gratitude. Faith. Positivity. Perseverance. Truly an amazing human.


His last post was 29 days ago, so I’m hoping his monthly outing is imminent, if he’s well enough :pray::crossed_fingers:


Happy New Year @Jedon and may this year be so much better for you than last year.


I sure miss his presence here.
He is definitely one of a kind.
Thank you for the update.
I’m glad he has peace and hope for a miracle with his cancer.


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