Personal reasons

So good to hear about the pins being removed and that you are feeling a little better @Jedon.
Hopefully things are going to continue to get better.
Let us (Me) know if there is any more help needed with meds or Anything else @General_Confusion.

May God bless and keep you all!!!


Are you okay @Jedon?
Had to think about you right now.

What is your constitution?
Are you able to play?

Hoping your pain is almost cured.

Keep staying strong. :fist:


Dear family,
I am in a wait of the monastery car, that will pick me yo my final destination today.
Batolian monastery in Natrun Valley, to be the first non Christian monk living there. My mentor lives there too he made small hospital inside to take care of monks there that would help me incase I got issues later.
I will get 2 days per month to have visits of parents or to talk to friends from the closest town to the monastery.
I move by yhe help from my escort. He removed needle from hand days ago then plastic bags after few later, eating smached steamed veggies with soya soup missed food lol.
But this update not just to.let you know I am getting better it’s to share my appreciation with every one, this community cares for real, loves for real helping for real.
I am alive cause of you. Your support on spiritual and donations are very much handy and life saver. No thank you words could be enough ever to let you know your true place in my heart.
This community with all the players and the staff are great example about the game that turns into a second home/family to so many of us.
I can now say I have unlimited big family related to the global, got brothers in USA and China sisters from Hawaii islands till Turkey seas, Family that reaches ice in Russia and deserts in KSA.
And I am grateful for that. I will pray in monastery for each of you asking Lord to give peace and happiness cause in my darkest moments I got you in my back guarding me from dark thoughts and protecting me from losing faith.
I wish you all best of life, feel good, enjoy your health and stay healthy, love your selves and others. Believe is the survive key.
Believe in God and love believe in goodness of this world if you don’t believe in God
Keep faith of some thing in your hearts will keep you safe my family of E&P.
Love you all.




Amazing to hear from you.

What a tale of endurance and hope!!

Will you be able to communicate from the monastery?


@Jedon So glad to here an update! I know we won’t hear from you often, but you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. You’ve been an inspiration to us all.

:heart: from a US sister :grin:


I dont think signal reaches there, even cell phones not allowed inside we leave it at holy father office.
Out side in that town we can use phones and communicate, I wont miss a chance to let you know my news brother Jonah.


That’s excellent news. We will wait patiently for each update, when you are able.

Keep concentrating on health and peace.

May God continue to bless you.


We need a broken heart thing


This was very good to read. Somehow, i feel like i needed to read that today. Thank you @Jedon. I hope you love your life in the Batolian Monk village. Praying for you always, for that is all i can do


Next Titan is for you homie


Dearest Jedon,

My first reaction was, “What a happy ending to an amazing story!!!” But it’s not THE ending, just the end of a chapter of an exquisitely beautiful co-written story crafted by God, you, and the people who love you.

May you be part of many more chapters of many more stories, just as you have been a part of each of ours. You have made the E&P community stronger not just by your encouragement, but by sharing your suffering & courage & letting us help you. I have learned so much from you!!!

I can’t wait to hear from you again!!! Meanwhile, :vulcan_salute: May the LORD bless you & keep you!!! May He make His face shine upon you & be gracious unto you!!!( He takes great delight in you, dear Jedon!!!) May He lift up His countenance upon you & continue to give you His peace that passes all understanding. May He continue to use your life to bless others whether you are strong or weak. And when the end of your story here on earth is over, may you hear His words: “Well done, good & faithful servant!!! Enter into my rest!!!”

Blessings & prayers!!!:bouquet::rainbow::heart:


@Jedon my friend, I am glad to see now that you can provide us with updates. Your role as a Batolian monk is not a final destination, but the beginning to a new journey, a journey that started when the chapter to the door of your previous life outside the monastery is coming to a close.

Not to make light of the gravity and seriousness of this disciplinary arrangement, but when I saw this. Somehow this came to mind.

Jedon: Good morning, holy father, I came to see you to retrieve my cell phone so I may receive visits from my family today.
Holy Father: Good morning to you, my son. Here it is. Hands phone over
Jedon: Any news from my family or friends from the outside since our last session?
Holy Father: No, my son. Although this app on your phone called Puzzle something keeps giving notifications, out of curiosity I tapped it.
Jedon: Uh, that’s not…
Holy Father: Then I somehow pulled these hero of the month and…
Jedon: Discipline… O, discipline… I need more discipline…

Looking forward to hear your updates of life as a Batolian Monk when you are able to.


This gave me chills… such positive words and a true reminder to appreciate what you’ve been given in life.

Thoughts are with you.


Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my Soul. So very true!!!


Oh, it’s been a while.
Any good news here?

What’s up, @Jedon?
Are you okay?


Personal Update:
Hello guys I miss you all so much.
Been a while since last post.
I am doing great in monastery, getting much time for prayers and traning as Batloian.
Beat life I had since long time.
Working in Monastery farm and growing my own rose tree as the traditions of the Batolian monks here.
Getting good care here and fighting back my cancer.
Wish if I can take photos and send to you but monastery rules forbed cellphones at all must be left in Holly Father office. They say cellphones makes monk feel greed and become a big ego and living as monk should teach humbly and selflessness.
I agree and obey. I feel closer to Lord than out side days.
Monastery is a big place with a mountain that we sleep in and traning our souls for being more light. There is huge farm that we all work in and a place for bees to make honey. We sell our products to locals to earn money for charity and support needs of monks.
I am working aside of farm in monastery library… which gives me valuable time to read very rare books that mostly translated from original orthodox language that I am learning it to be able to read the original texts.

Parents visiting me tomorrow so I am spending tonight and tomorrow in a local house accepted me to spent time with them as they look at me as a blessed man !

I am blessed indeed by Lords willing and the ways his highnesses is running my life with to learn more about wisdom in this world, to meet people who care and support with out a future looks that came from giving a stranger a hand. To learn humble from great people like your selves here my dear friends and family.
You gave me big inspiration when I read and remember your support.
And am praying lots for you all to have peace and joy.
My best wishes and love to you all here players, mods and staff.


Best. Post. Ever


@Jedon It’s wonderful to hear from you! I just came to this thread thinking of you, and was thrilled to see you happened to be posting an update!

I’m glad that you’re doing great at the Monastery, and that your parents are visiting you tomorrow. It sounds like your life has more peacefulness and clarity now than during all of the struggles with doctors and the treatment house. I’m grateful for that.

You may know that today is Thanksgiving in the US, and I’m sure I’m not alone in being especially thankful today for you being part of our community, your continual humor and strength, and your friendship.

Much love and warm wishes as always. :heart:


so good to hear from you @Jedon, i almost jumped for joy when i saw you’d posted, and after reading your post i wanted to dance like a maniac. :slight_smile:

Aye, you ain’t alone in that. :slight_smile:

@DoctorStrange, i know you was looking for an update on Jedon, and here it is. :slight_smile:

i think this is really cool since i love to read books. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, its thanksgiving where i live hearing @Jedon is doing well made my day. Stay strong my friend, very glad to see this


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