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That’s fantastic news on the whole, thanks for the update, @General_Confusion! :heart:


Thanks for the update and for taking the time to do it. Praying and hoping all the best for Him. :pray:t3:


Whew!!! Encouraging news!!! Still praying praying praying!!! Thanking God for answered prayers!!! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:


that is great to hear. very great. i do agree with @Joyful818, the time for prayer, is not over


Hi @Jedon!!! Or whoever is giving out hearts on your account!!! Sending blessings & prayers your way!!!

:bouquet: :heart:


Needle in hand hurts when I type much. Sent message to @Bzzinator and she will post here for me.
I love e you all guys.
Sorry for not being active. Hope you all are fine.


@Jedon a million times more than fine hearing from you & seeing your dear face!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!! Rest!!!

Peace & healing!!!


Here is message from Jedon to all…its taken alot for him to type. Your prayers and assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.

Dear family on E&P community, I want to inform you that I recived the money that General has sent to me. Had help by a monk my mentor sent to take care of me, a doctor monk and he is young but treating me like his father even calling me father!
Even after getting home I am still have a needle in my left hand to take in it glucose and some times blood cause I am not supposed to eat yet and my escort helping me to add/remove them.
I am also linked with plastic bags to take out urine and one other to take blood under the sticks of the surgery place. Which makes my movement painful so much but I am his friend now. Pain is good to me dont wanna leave like that good friend who stay with you for ever :joy:
When I am allowed to remove these plastic bags and the needle from my hand and get strong enough I will go to live in monastery for the rest of my life.
Batolian monks has monastery in Valley of Natrun in Egypt.
Parents are fine with that they had enough sadness watching me slowly going down.
It’s hard to type much cause the needle really hurts cause it is still an iron piece inside my veins. But it will get better. I feel I am going better was looking to go monastery for so long but never had good chance.
Mom and dad can visit me on Fridays once a month. they know and they are ok.
They my parents and me hoping living away from a city will improve my health. It’s a chance I wanna take.
On other hand General who spend his time to help me and Bzzinator my official speaker you guys are great bless thanks. You all are blessing my family here in this great community with out you I’d be dead in cancer house months ago.
I am grateful to all of you my family brothers and sisters hope you all have best life.
Thanks for all thoughts and prayers as spiritual support works like it should be cause Lord hears and give gracing and blessing for your prayers. I love you.


God bless you @Jedon


Thanks for the update…sending prayers as always.

You’re the hero @Jedon (as well as @Bzzinator & @General_Confusion)…keep pressing forward and the community will continue with our prayers and little tokens of support in these efforts. Hope the transition isn’t too difficult, but we’re all praying it’s best in the long run.

Rest & continue healing well good sir


Dear @Jedon
All my prayers and good vibrations go to Valley of Natrun in Egypt, then!
Hope you get rid of the needle and bags soon, my Dear.

Once you feel better, drop an update here please or tell endearing @Bzzinator to pass your note over

sincerely yours



I about leaped up and did a jig, (or whatever it would look like, since i can’t do a jig. :grin:) when i heard this. It is a wonderful and amazing miracle that you sound so good, good enough to crack a joke :rofl:, and that you seem filled with hope. Blessing upon all who have helped you, Brother @Jedon, specially on @Bzzinator, and @General_Confusion, and those who donated. I will keep praying for you, and hope that hand gets better. Sleep well, for sleep is natures healer


Dearest @Jedon,

Your story is a testimony to how God works through people and community - and how the love you put into other people’s lives is never wasted but multiplies & returns to you.

My heart is so full of joy as your story continues. You choose courage and goodness at every turn. Pain is a constant companion, so you befriend it. So much to learn from a great father.

@General_Confusion & @Bzzinator, your efforts have been a great gift not only to @Jedon, but to the community. I know you have been rewarded by helping this amazing @Jedon, but I pray that you will see God do things in your lives and bless you in ways that could only happen because you took this journey!

I continue to pray for healing, courage, strength & hope, dear Jedon. God obviously still has work for you to do! When you are weak & quiet, remember that we are but instruments in His great orchestra, and that “His strength is perfected in our weakness!” Someday we will see the whole picture of the why’s of life, and we will see how He used what was meant for pain & evil to work something beautiful. I think our response will be silence & profound awe. As I look at your life, I get a glimpse of that today. Just wow.

Thank you & blessings @Jedon, @General_Confusion & @Bzzinator!!!

:bouquet::heart: :bouquet::heart: :bouquet::heart:


Hi @Jedon

A joyous thousand greetings, sir.

I know that you still have pain and difficulty, but I am so glad to hear that you have some treatment, company and a plan for the days ahead.


I hope this pun crosses the language barrier!


Friend @Jedon

Your trials and journey throughout this whole ordeal has brought you here to your new livelihood by a higher calling, who knew a mobile game you picked up on a whim a few months back can have such a tremendous change in your life, right? To see you being able to be up and about (despite still having to live your new friend Pain, for the foreseeable future) and to see you still being able to inject humor into your message for the community that cares for you brings a sigh of relief, because you, are still here in the land of the living to talk to us about your well being.

So can we start calling you Father/Friar Jedon now? And are Batolian Monks allowed to play some E&P on their free time?


been thinking about you @Jedon, wondering how you was doing.


Again so long ago since the last note…@jedon @Bzzinator ?
Everything ok?


Any word from @Jedon? It’s been a while. Has anyone heard from him? @Bzzinator? @JonahTheBard?


@Bzzinator or @General_Confusion get direct contact.

His last message said he was going to live at the monastery…

I don’t know if that was likely to be soon and if so, whether he would still have access to a phone and WiFi.


I heard from him briefly electronically . He had the pins in his hands removed, and says he is feeling better after the surgery. Still to weak to go to monastery. It was very brief but he sounded like he was in better spirits.


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