Personal reasons

Your support and kind words on here are enough. Say a couple of prayers, do a kind deed. That’s all anyone could ask of you. No need to go and borrow a credit card from an adult. For a minor your really are an inspiration to us all


Hey, I don’t know you. Only through this thread. But seeing your face in that little circle made my day. I’m thinking about you. I just wanted to let you know that your positivity and kind heart are appreciated. No one deserves to be in that kind of pain. I hope you’ve found some relief. You’re a good person. We need more people like you.

Don’t feel like you have to reply to this. Save your energy. I just wanted to let you know that I was happy to see your face today. And I hope I can see it tomorrow and for many days to come. I think it’s safe to say that we all do.


Thanks everyone for the generous outpouring not only of money, but of positive thoughts and prayers for Jedon. I just transferred the latest contributions to him. We are still a bit short of the needed amount, so please let others know about this.

I’m continually amazing at the kindness of people everywhere, and this forum is no exception. Bless you all for rallying for a fellow human.


Just adding a link to the GoFundMe for easy reference:

Thanks @General_Confusion for handling all of the logistics and transferring the funds. :heart:


This is why I love this forum, thank you @General_Confusion for handling all the heavy lifting.
@Jedon, I hope you’ll continue to keep us updated and I promise prayers are always coming your way.


Personal update:
I will be visiting 2 doctors today for heart and liver
Your generosity guys allowed me to make the appointment, hope doctors will not change midecs but only dosages.
I am recovering and doing good needed so much insulin and Airstabx plus 40mg for blood pressure and medics of liver.
And your spiritual support are great :heart:
I owe you my life guys.
Thank you all.
Please accept my Love and respect .


I cross all fingers I have that the docs can help you, my Dear!


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear your feeling better.


Praying for wisdom to be with the doctors evaluation and continued healing.

Hoping both appointments for heart & liver go well.


I hope all goes well! I have insanely good luck with my pulls. I’m officially offering it all up, I’ll take eternal Renfelds from the summon gate in exchange for your good health.

RNG operates in the real world, too. Hopefully this time, it literally operates where it’s needed.


ALLELUIA!!! Thank you for the good news, @Jedon. I believe God answers prayer, and I will be thanking Him for His gracious care for you and I will continue to pray for 100% restoration so you can tell your story & continue to encourage others!!! Blessings, dear Jedon!!
:bouquet: :bouquet: :raised_hand: :bouquet: :bouquet:


I am very glad to see that things are looking up, @Jedon. You will remain in my prayers.


I was told a story once. i don’t know what cancer type it was, but this one woman, she ate 40 Cloves of Garlic a day for 3 days, and her cancer died. Encouraging thought for myself, hope it encourages you.


Thank you for handling everything and setting up the go fund me for @Jedon meds. It broke my heart when I saw he could not get them. God Bless


Replying to myself. Anyone who is curious: I have only pulled feeders from the summon gate.

I hope Jedon has my luck now.


Personal update:
Sorry for late responses I have been 2 days in ER cause of liver failure shock.
Been asked to do some check ups and results made doctors to tell me some:
Doctor of heart told me to stick to medics on exact dosages.
Doctor of inside organs (dunno name of it) told me that, liver has failure of 71% he said could live on 25% if only committed to his dosage and directions. Also said cancer has fully damaged 1 kidney that must be removed. I will do check ups for this surgery tonight. Will be made by faculty of medicine by traning students so it will be 50% cost and I can accept that.
I am sorry for being away from you this long and hope I will be ok after this to be able to be a good regular on this community.
I am very grateful to all of you and I wish you all great health and life.
@Petri have a great thanks day bro. I wish you and all the staff happy one. Thanks for your gift even if for country reason I couldn’t recived it.
@Community and family Be safe and good my dear. World need great people like you.
If I ever made some one upset or sad I am sorry. Pray for me I will be drugged and wont be able to pray for my own.


You got it. Anything in specific?

And it’s good to hear from you , the pain you must be in it’s a wonder and a miracle that you were on here at all


I haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with you yet, but you were a big part of why I decided to join the forum back when I was a newbie and only a casual reader. Your posts showed me that there were good people here who were willing to offer their help with anyone who asked. There were others, too, but you were the one who really stuck out to me. I could see how friendly you were and how everyone seemed to respect you, and that’s rare these days.

Get well, man, we’re all pulling for you.


They say God only gives you as much as you can handle, which means you can handle an INCREDIBLE amount @Jedon. Once tempered by this ordeal you will be well prepared for your next role, maybe as mentor to the next batch of Batolian Monks.

God sped you in recovery and good health!


I think that you have inspired us all. Your courage is amazing, and there is nothing that you have ever done but show kindness and miraculously have kept your sense of humor. God Bless.


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