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Just had a thought…a new HoTM should be a Healer, named Jedon, and in Monk class!

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @KiraSG wink, wink, nudge, nudge


I support that, but only one of those three people works for Small Giant…


I know, thought if I tagged and Garanwyn it would add some “weight” :grimacing:


I’ll be over here dieting :rofl:


@Jedon Thank God Thank God Thank God!!!

So happy for answered prayers, good doctors, relief, and your grateful heart!!!

Keep healing!!! Go, Jedon, GO!!! :bouquet: :heart: :muscle: :pray: :clap:


Oh my, It was hard times but Lord is merciful :heart:
Oh my, it was dark thought but community is helpful :heart:
I read your posts and a big lighthouse of hope comforts me, telling me that it matter, keeping me on the way that I am starting to see the light in its end.
You guys are amazing, huge support from all old names and a very honest wishes even from the new great friends on forum.
I am a lucky man. Cause every time I feel lonely, I open it here an see new posts to encourage me.
I am even seeing some old friends coming back to post on this thread. And I am grateful for that. Just wish to hear from Razor I hope he is fine and doing great.
@MrsBCW a healer names Jedon will be painful tho, it’s another HOTM that I will not have :joy: you keep forgetting I am F2P so imagin every one here getting Jedon and Jedon his self is just Spector mode lol.
@zephyr1 it would be easier to get me one 4^80 +10 GM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I don’t think even could happen.
Recovering I am on it. @Shohoku79 I am on way to Light Batolian Monk rank. Prayers are my heaven and you guys are my Angles.
Thanks for being here all the time for me.
Have a very great day.
Yours, Jedon.


Great to hear from you, and in higher spirits it seems. God bless you @Jedon. As long as your fighting, it gives me hope in my day to day fights. Thx a bunch, brother.


Ha! You’re still hilarious, brother J.

If laughter is the best medicine, you’re on the right track!


Glad to hear from you, stay strong, sending positive energy and healing to you


You definitely will get one for free.

We all hope that you will get rid of your colon Atomos, too. Just feed it to Aife.


Thinking of you Jedon & wishing you simple peace & joy and lots of love tonight! You are in my prayers!!! :bouquet:. :desert_island:


Thanks dear @Joyful818
Well I start to be in pain again. Hurting times seem are coming back.
Today I had a nose bleed that just stopped an hour ago.
No clue reasons I am afraid that I will not know what is going on with me cause wont be any medical care for me from now and on, hemorrhoids surgery has taken all saved up incomes even had my mother to sell her jewelry to cover it.
No one around wants to hire a cancer patient. People hate this disease here and scare of very much. I am helpless but I keep faith in mercy of God.
Sorry no good news this time.


Dearest Jedon,

That is heartbreaking news. We will all be hoping and praying that another breakthrough is just around the corner.

I hope that you can still find some comfort and joy in your circumstances despite the pain and disappointment.

Do not despair, brother. We are thinking of you everyday.



Dear @Jedon. Srry to hear your not feeling good again. But prayers will still be flowing at you like a river of water, Mountain River that is. :slight_smile: Your the most faithful man I know. You have given hope to me. thank you


@Jedon stay positive bro. We are all pulling for you.


@Jedon I write this with a sad heart. For even though I don’t know you, your plight still touches me. I have a friend who believes that there are mysteries and secrets in the bible. He believes that by finding these Mysteries through the revelation of God you can be healed of anything. So I say why not try. All that is required is that you open your mind to the Holy Spirit and let him teach you revelation. Things that will blow your mind from a holy and spiritual perspective. He suggests studying what the very Early church fathers have written authors like Origen. Teachers who studied under Paul. I don’t want to give false hope. I don’t know how or if it will work. But I do give prayers that our creator will reach down and offer comfort for your pain


@Jedon, I have read this whole thread and all you have been through and keep thinking that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you must be Superman. i’m pulling for you and good health.


Wishing you positive days in the near future!


I am a Muslim as religion normally. I am Batolian monk as spiritual mind too.
Yes, the Batolian way been first of all made by Father Macarius of Orthodox church of Alexandria, but the monk hood has accepted me no matter what religion I belong to, cause its non religious monk-hood it’s a mindful one.
How ever I believe in the power of Lord’s words in all holy books. I have all holy books in my library and I read em every often as part of my spiritual trainings as a good Batolian. Faith in God has nothing to do with religions, you can believe in his mighty power and still getting his mercy even if your non religious, at least that is what I believe.
I as a monk have a mentor who is guiding me, he is Christian so I will ask for his blessing and wisdom. I hope he will know what to do with his 70 years of knowledge as a Batolian.
I am very thankful for your mindful thoughts my friend @Rachel1 and will follow the advice.
Words of Mighty Lord I believe can do merciful things. Deep faith in Merciful Lord been my saviour always.
I appreciate your post very much.


Thank you for understanding my intent. I believe that it’s a clean and honest love of the creator no matter what he is called that leads us onto the right path


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